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  1. Zarel

    Partially Rejected !showteam

    We should probably make !rank display an error message. Any command starting with ! is for showing your opponent.
  2. Zarel

    Approved fix/edit how zoom affects battles

    I wonder if this has to do with layout deformation. We might be able to fix this by making the sidebars one pixel wider?
  3. Zarel

    Pending Long-named staff in userlist's displayed name

    The first thing that comes to mind is to lower the name length limit, which I'm sure will get everyone mad at me. The best way to deal with this might be with a custom scrollbar? Maybe some scrollbar styling that doesn't cover the name? Google tells me the CSS is overflow: overlay, probably...
  4. Zarel

    Pending /dt for Glastrier and Spectrier

    It seems like we should wait for the community to settle on a thing to call these horses before we add aliases...
  5. Zarel

    Partially Rejected Add way to view the team preview

    A command to show all tooltip information probably has some uses so if some programmer wants to implement it, I have no objections.
  6. Zarel

    Pending undo

    We support savestates on the server. Not on the client, which would need to replay battles from the beginning anyway, but that's less of a big deal. It's possible to always save a save state from one turn ago. If the undo feature is used often enough, that might be worth it. If not, replaying...
  7. Zarel

    Pending Add /md for /modchat

    Oh, I guess I forgot that it's used in battles. I think you usually want "Ignore spectators"? Maybe we should add a command for that.
  8. Zarel

    Pending Add /md for /modchat

    I definitely think "modchat" is a bit unclear. I was mulling something like "rankchat" and "rankjoin" or something. But I wonder if something is wrong that you need a shorthand version of /modchat. It's a very rare and heavy-handed moderation command that I'd want to avoid accidental...
  9. Zarel

    Pending undo

    I could see this being useful in custom game, if the opponent agrees. I have some concerns about performance. Undoing a turn means re-simulating the entire game up until that point. It would probably need to be heavily throttled if we did it.
  10. Zarel

    Done Fix some of the Gen3 trainer sprites

    I fixed Mr. Fuji (someone DMed a fix to me) but not the others. chaos Marty do you want to handle this or should I?
  11. Zarel

    655 Stat 'Glitch' and Its Place in Tiering

    I don't understand the difference between 2 and 3-2. But that seems like the obvious choice to me.
  12. Zarel

    Pending Allow pms and teambuilder to be viewed simultaneously

    Preact client does this already. I don't think any dev wants to work on this in the old client, though.
  13. Zarel

    A problem with your internet connection? That's usually the problem with that sort of thing.

    A problem with your internet connection? That's usually the problem with that sort of thing.
  14. Zarel

    Pending Prevent notifications from timed bot messages

    I'm still unhappy with the general amount of spam rooms are still forcing on their users, but I guess this wouldn't change that. Still, though, maybe just use the repeats plugin? That one doesn't notify, right?
  15. Zarel

    Pending Add status condition animation

    Other than slowed+closed eyes for Sleep, even modern gens don't actually show the status as an idle animation. It's only when you get the status. And we also have a status animation when you get the status.
  16. Zarel

    Rejected Add the possibility to make polls and announcements at the same time

    Since then we added a repeats command because stopping roomstaff from spamming is apparently impossible. @_@ And we still get new requests for additional tools to spam users.
  17. Zarel

    Pending /tour addrules

    I think the first question is: does /tour rules already display what the current rules list is, for easy copy/paste edits? If not, it should be changed to work like /roomintro.
  18. Zarel

    Pending /tour addrules

    I think it's fine and probably desirable for /tour rules to overwrite previous rules. It works like /roomintro. In both of them, just copy/pasting the old rules (usually just pressing Up a lot) and doing your edit makes it much easier than manually adding/removing individual rules I wouldn't...
  19. Zarel

    They usually take a while to update.

    They usually take a while to update.
  20. Zarel

    Done Make searching "Side Shell Arm" bring back Shell Side Arm

    This is pretty easy to add as an alias.