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    CaP Prevos - CaP 28 Prevo - Name Submissions

    WIP Snapsnipper Snap + Snipper + Nipper (slang for child)
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    CAP Fanart Thread

    "Grandpa, grandpa! Tell us a story!" "I-I heard there's a place where the CAP designs who didn't make it go... I'm s-scared" "Now now now, young'uns, y'all just gather round! ...So you wanna hear about CAP28? Settle down, it's quite a tale..." -- CAP 28 Fin --
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    CAP 28 Prevo - Part 1 - Art Poll 1

    Shadowshocker Zephyr2007 Slapperfish BlorengeRhymes JAGFL Sunfished
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    CAP 28 Prevo - Part 1 - Art Submissions

    Final Submission Supporting Material So not much has changed for this defensive collection of grapes - the underlying theme still remains centred on a soldier protecting itself with an array of carapaces, sandbags, what have you. There is some division over whether the dragon aspect needs to...
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    CAP 28 - Part 11 - Shiny Palette Poll 1

    Shadowshocker Slapperfish Darquezze KoA Pinesmoke shnowshner
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    CAP 28 - Name Poll 3

    Buzzooka Miasmaw Jurassect Mockjaw
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    CAP 28 - Name Poll 2

    Abdomaw Jawkroach Buzzooka Mawrauder Bombargon
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    CAP 28 - Part 11 - Shiny Palette Submissions

    Final Submission So I got off my lazy bum since I had Photoshop open at the time and messed with some hue/saturation sliders. The armour for CAP28's final art reminds me vaguely of Japanese tokusatsu, so I went for a "red ranger" to complement the "green ranger" original. I also imagine the...
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    CAP 28 - Name Poll 1

    Abdomaw Stingshot Jawkroach Bombaustic Bomblebeet Anterceptor
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    CAP 28 - Name Submissions

    Final Submission Stingshot Sting + Slingshot, combining a weapon, and the offensive part of an insect. Pronounced: STING-shot Honestly this has not been the most fun of names to generate, with bugs, dragons, chemicals and weapons all getting thrown into the mess. Stingshot seems to have gone...
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    CAP 28 Prevo - Part 1 - Art Submissions

    WIP Another bit of a challenge, this one, given how we're all thinking about how to integrate bug and dragon elements again - but looking at Golurk's winning entry I considered the helmet of his final submission. What about a baby bug trying to defend itself with quasi-military theming? The...
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    CAP Fanart Thread

    Supporting Art: Grampappet Tells a Story "So you wanna hear about CAP 28? Settle down, young'uns, it's quite a tale..." "Where do I start? I suppose I heard about the great CAP 28 just like everybody else. 'Course all I had were two strings to rub together and my trusty steed so I hurried down...
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    CAP 28 - Art Poll 4

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    CAP 28 - Art Poll 3

    Shadowshocker BlorengeRhymes Amamama Quanyails Golurkyourself
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    CAP 28 - Art Poll 2

    Shadowshocker BlorengeRhymes Yilx Yokaiju KoA Golurkyourself Amamama Quanyails StephXPM Gravity Monkey Pinesmoke This... is difficult. I'm genuinely still blown away making it into this part at all. I've had to think about the proposed movepools and how feasible it is for our designs to even...
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    CAP 28 - Art Poll 1

    Zephyr2007 Yilx Shadowshocker Falchion Slapperfish Spook Mos-Quitoxe BlorengeRhymes
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    CAP 28 - Art Submissions

    Final Submission So it's been an absolute heck of a ride, especially since I dropped out in the early phases and really only came back in when everything was getting pulled together. Selling this guy has been a peculiar journey on why it makes sense for a grandfather spider to have a dragon...
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    CAP 28 - Art Submissions

    WIP Puppet spider continues to thrill and stupefy with whether his level of detail is an issue for spriters and modelers and if he actually counts as a dragon! A few changes to the base idea were made following feedback: adding joint lines to the spider to make him more insectoid, and as gas...
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    CAP 28 - Art Submissions

    WIP Where do we even start with this concept? Absence aside, I genuinely did not expect "puppeteer spider using a dragon" to be a divisive idea. The initial Discord impression was that this guy might not count as Dragon enough - but following a few hand slips of supporting art it seemed to...
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    CAP 28 - Art Submissions

    WIP So honestly, I haven't been super involved with this CAP as I did with crucible dragon - work and games (but mostly games) and other real life aspects taking my mind off things, aside from a few hastily scribbled ideas put up on Discord. I'm still quite keen on the idea of Dragon-types...