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  1. Ninjaofquest

    Online Competition 2017 No Holds Barred

    So exactly how powerful would Marshadow (given that people may or may not have it) turn out to be in this meta? And what exactly would I be able to use against it since I can't get it here in America?
  2. Ninjaofquest

    Online Competition Weakness Cup [playable on Showdown!]

    Looking at the list makes me think that Bulky Offense or Hyper Offense will be the way to go for this one. Still, Trick Room could be an interesting option. EDIT: why do i feel like i want to make a grass mono
  3. Ninjaofquest

    Online Competition Tiny Tourney [NOW ON SHOWDOWN]

    I made a Bulky Offense TR team for this, using Mimikyu, Porygon2, Ferrothorn, Azumarill, Torkoal, and Muk-A. Day 1: went 6-4. One of these wins was actually an opponent disconnect that I would have won guaranteed. I've noticed that my team is lacking in raw power but makes up for it in bulk...
  4. Ninjaofquest

    Where is your nick from?

    From RuneScape, honestly. First started with me changing my username to "ninjamagyk," because I thought ninjas were cool and I was reading a book called "Magyk" at the time. Changed it to "Ninjaofquest" over five years ago because I was in love with this iOS RPG titled The Quest (now since...
  5. Ninjaofquest

    [Gen 6-8] Eisen's Breeding-Ready Ditto Army

    Pokemon Requested: Ferrothorn 4 (with Knock Off): Leftovers | Relaxed | Iron Barbs IVs: 31/31/31/31/31/0 EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 Def Stealth Rock / Knock Off / Power Whip / Gyro Ball (Remember that I previously requested a breeding Ditto this month.) Reason: This is the last piece to my Tiny...
  6. Ninjaofquest

    [Gen 6-8] Eisen's Breeding-Ready Ditto Army

    Good evening! Looking to get this Ditto in my Moon: Nickname: Perfect Jolly | Limber IVs: 31/31/31/31/31/31 EVs: Untrained Reason: I would like this to start breeding competitive Pokemon. IGN: James Could I also get a Gold Bottle Cap on this Ditto please? I have deposited a lvl 11 male...