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  1. LeftiesWillRule

    Mystery Gift Charizard Code Giveaway

    I went to Target the day after the official end date of the Charizard event to see if they had one left I could have. Upon my asking for one, the electronics clerk handed me an unopened pack of 50 of them and said NOBODY wanted it. Well, here's hoping Smogonites want a Cherish Ball Charizard...
  2. LeftiesWillRule

    Lefties' Pokebay (non-RNG shop)

    Lefties' PokeBay Rules: 1.) No hacks. Ever. This is Smogon, you should know what to expect for trading. 2.) Be nice. Just 'cause I don't RNG doesn't mean I'm a newbie. That's pretty much it. I'm flexible and not strict about protocol or anything. About Me: I've been addicted to Pokemon for...
  3. LeftiesWillRule

    My old team

    I've used this team for a long time, but I'm soon to be moving on. Let me know what you think, and what I could have done better. A quick overview: I like the synergy of the teammembers, and the fact that Toxic Spikes means nothing to me and this team is fairly comfortable in a Sandstorm. I...