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  1. Visualize Your History

    Last 6 Months. It's fairly accurate. The total one is really obscured from when I only listened to like 5 bands and has some of the biggest ones from stuff I used to listen to falling asleep. This is more accurate.
  2. Shitty Homemade Bands!

    wow, Danyul, do all ska bands cover the same stuff? We also cover Sellout and Keasbey Nights (streetlight version tho) and our guitarist knows Santeria. But we are basically doing one song from each major third wave band, we have You by Mustard Plug, Shining On by Big D (mainly as a horn...
  3. Shitty Homemade Bands! not our song obviously, its Sell Out by Reel Big Fish. This was taken back in February when that was our only song. We now have an expansive set list of 7 cover songs and 3 unfinished original songs, but we have no recordings...
  4. Watchmen movie discussion thread

    what? just the fact that they used 99 red balloons (sorry I know it as the german song Goldfinger covered) had me going "Wth? this is awesome?" about the endings, I think it mostly stems from the fact that the ending in the comic wasn't that good, so with losing some of the emotion going from...
  5. Top Five Bands

    okay, listen continuing time Less Than Jake/Reel Big Fish I'm doing these two bands together because they are pretty much the same band, just with two different personalities. Both are more rock with horns than ska, except Less Than Jake is pop punkish and Reel Big Fish is more straight up...
  6. Watchmen movie discussion thread

    I have to disagree with the music criticism. I think each piece really did a good job of setting up the next chapter (since that is about when they decided to add in music). Like each song captured what was going to happen later on in the movie. Who else thought the intro to the movie was...
  7. Top Five Bands

    whoo lengthy explanation time Streetlight Manifesto I think the main reason these guys are my top band is because they were the first band I really got into. I found out about them about the same time I got my iPod and discovered that you can listen to music outside of the radio. I racked up...
  8. Top Five Bands

    Morm, my sense of Canadian geography does not exist, I thought you were more towards the center. We get a lot of bands to come through South Florida, but there are some big ones that I want to see that stop in Tampa or Orlando only (the Sonata Arctica/Nightwish tour did this and I couldn't...
  9. Top Five Bands

    I wish more ska bands came to Florida. Only Streetlight, LTJ, and RBF frequent here. You are lucky to live relatively close to Mustard Plug, Big D, and the Planet Smashers (plus get all of the bands from down here to go up there too). And yes, ska based friendships are great.
  10. Top Five Bands

    we have a lot of these threads anyways, Streetlight Manifesto, Big D and the Kids Table, Sonata Arctica, Less Than Jake, Reel Big Fish/Nightwish. I really can't drop either of the last two. Streetlight definitely takes top band, but after that it depends what I'm in the mood for.
  11. CAP 7 CAP 7 - Part 15b - New Move Poll 3

    voted Shadow Strike, the un-ridiculously convoluted move.
  12. CAP 7 CAP 7 - Part 15b - New Move Poll 2

    Don't want Rift Hop at all, don't see a need for STAB U-turn, so Shadow Strike it is.
  13. CAP 7 CAP 7 - Part 11b - Attacking Moves Poll

    -New Move (To be decided upon later if allowed) -Meteor Mash -Explosion -Brave Bird Don't see a need for Brave Bird, it seems like one of those superfluous moves we originally gave Syclant. Explosion can fit a scout, its used once you know what they are going to switch in (by scouting) to...
  14. CAP 7 CAP 7 - Part 9 - Art Poll 5

    Supporting Doug now that my avatar is no longer in the running. this is really just to check how my new avatar looks
  15. CAP 7 CAP 7 - Part 11 - Attacking Moves Discussion

    Agreeing with the need for EQ, the slower versions of Magnezone and Heatran can't counter U-turn anyways. EQ just makes them have to think before switching in, like you usually have to do in Pokemon.
  16. CAP 7 CAP 7 - Part 11 - Attacking Moves Discussion

    And the moves Deck Knight listed. 103 Atk isn't sweeping material in OU and Steel and Ghost are meh STABs. This will never be a sweeper without a stat up move.
  17. CAP 7 CAP 7 - Part 9 - Art Poll 3

    Still requesting Cyzir's work in avatar form.
  18. CAP 7 CAP 7 - Part 9 - Art Poll 2

    Cyzir's awesome art compels me to vote for if. Cyzir, if you feel like it could you make that into an avatar?
  19. CAP 7 CAP 7 - Part 9 - Art Poll 1

    Cyzir DJD KoA
  20. CAP 7 CAP 7 - Art Submissions

    Cyzir, I say go with the pale green Banshee, its definitely the best out of the 13 images in that post.