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  1. SM OU mega pinsir + bulu scarf ou team 1500+ (help) This is the team i use now
  2. SM OU mega pinsir + bulu scarf ou team 1500+ (help)

    Update: I made a few small changes to the team and am currently top 500(380ish) with it. If you would like them lmk. Good luck on climbing :)
  3. SM OU Bulky Offensive Team - SMOU

    I really think you should change ground-z to fire-z on Heatran. The only time it seems you’d use it is when a Pokémon that is in can OHKO you with earthquake after. Also is the reason is specificity for ttar that’s not a good one as normal banded ttar doesn’t die to it after stealth rocks, and...
  4. SM OU mega pinsir + bulu scarf ou team 1500+ (help)

    So Ive been playing with this team a bit and dont see that many issues. However something that will help a little is changing your evs. Take the hp off pinsir and bulu( gives them odd hp ), change heatran to 248, and lando to 248. Also mag to 248 (saw this after) Someone else may find more...
  5. SM OU Psychic Overload [peaked 1978]

    I totally forgot to ask but how do you decide who to lead? half the games are decided by the leadmatch-up
  6. SM OU First team I've ever made, pls help

    Thanks for the input, I made the gallade and Noivern changes. The reason i have mammo is because it beats every normal lead 1v1 excluding azelf. Thought it was a cool gimmic kinda thing, may test with lando though. On to the gren issue, hydro pump is there because of the z-move. z-shuriken has a...
  7. SM OU Psychic Overload [peaked 1978]

    This team is actually so much fun to play and works really well, just broke into top 500 with it
  8. SM OU Kartana Sweeper

    You could swap ice punch for fire Punch on t-tar to remove the Scizor weakness along with a better way to hot Ferro and Celesteela. I think this would be better because you can gets chip on Lando when it has to constantly switch in
  9. SM OU First team I've ever made, pls help

    I am an okay battler but really bad at making teams, but I wanted to give it another try using some pokemon not seen all that often in ou. Anyways here is the team Noivern @ Choice Scarf Ability: Infiltrator Shiny: Yes EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe Timid Nature IVs: 0 Atk - Hurricane - Draco...
  10. SM OU please rate my very first competitive team!

    Rain kinda just destroys you, especially if breloom has taken much damage Swampert sweeps
  11. SM OU Roserade based team that started years ago and have now finished, and had some success with.

    Do you have replays of this team? It looks extremely fun to play but I have no clue where to start lol
  12. SM OU Serp Squad!

    Just a small tip, Mimikyu gets his own z-move with mimkium(probably not close to spelling it right)
  13. SM OU Semi-Stall

    I might be wrong but a plus 1 mega Charizard-X sweeps you. If it runs earthquakes which most do