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  1. A general smogon SQSA thread

    I have had many questions to ask people how to do X but there was never a thread for it. therby i propose someone write in either here, stark mountain congration of the masses, a SQSA thread for random qs of how smogon operates.
  2. LCR(little cup rain dance)!

    hi guys its maris here with his 2nd rate my team! After dabbling with standerd lead/dratini/munchlax/houdour/mantyke/croagunk. i decided to make a Rain dance team. thus far it has a record of 10-2 and 17-3 if you count unrated ones. (anyways since i cant post pics right now im gonna have a team...
  3. post a discussion thread for every suspect.

    This little suggestion came to me during the suspect nominations. and i havnt got a clue why I didnt post this before very simply have some person post a new thread that dicusses a pokemon that is a suspect for each tier(that has a banlist of course) that way people understand why certain...
  4. team bulky hail (Little cup RMT)

    Hello smogon I have been playing around in LC for a while with some seceuss.(ranked 10) the basic idea was to use speedy pokemon to hurt the enemy team and use the 2 decent "walls" to remove threats to the teams offesive might. The anti lead Snover (M) @ Choice Scarf Ability: Snow Warning EVs...