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  1. JES

    Research A Trainer's Guide to Poké-Watching (A.K.A.: A Guide to Monsters and Where to Find Them)

    Okay, this thread, as was discussed in the Mysteries and Conspiracies threads, is about the native habitats of our favorite monsters, beasts, and critters, and analyzing where they live, and perhaps why. The plan, due to the number of Pokémon that currently exist, is for me to list one or more...
  2. JES

    My Trading Thread

    Finally making my own trading thread. If there is no ID No. listed in the given Pokémon's information, that means it comes from your's truly (and even then, might still be coming from yours truly ;)) My current Registry is Joel; 35725 The Pokemon that I have for offer are as follows: Bagon...
  3. JES

    Mega Audino

    I'm doing this because, while looking for good sets for this Mega Audino that I'm breeding for double battles, I couldn't help but notice that there wasn't an analysis entry for her at all on this prestigious form, let alone for double battles. So considering that I wanted to be the only one...