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  1. (Un)Official Smogon University PO Stats -- August 2011

    Wow, I have been looking for these stats for a while now. This is excellent! They do seem weird though, especially in the OU section. I had no idea Gliscor and Scizor were that high. I guess Gliscor could be used so much because of all the sand sweepers. The game definitely seems weather...
  2. Smogon Superstars II sign-ups

  3. Planning not to fail! - An OU Warstory

    that was a good warstory. I enjoyed reading it.
  4. Wyoming In Darkness Chapter (Round) 1

    I have to dropout because my netbattle does not seem to work.
  5. BST Tournament Round 1

    SatiSuicune vs Bluewind markiguila vs Alan CHENN vs INag Asuya Sosuke vs Grind Pantera IredxL vs Ice-eyes danmantincan vs Raseri Xing vs Blue Tornado Eo Ut Mortus vs uclafan101 Sledge vs BlackMarketTrader Shipowdon vs Bartman101 Reachzero vs Wario Land 3 Vaz vs purplefingers JabbaTheGriffin vs...
  6. There Were 190 Pokémon!

    This is pretty interesting. It looks maybe raikou, suicune, and entei were made for the first generation along with skarmory and blissey.
  7. Team Panzer [First RMT]

    I would take out overheat on infernape and put hp ice to revenge kill dragonite and non-scarfed flygon.
  8. Sports that you play

    I played football and basketball all through middle school. In high school i played jv basketball freshman year and varsity basketball the next three. I have always been a pretty good basketball player.
  9. Metagross (Shuca Berry)

    I have used this set to great effect in countering top threats such as Dragon Dance Gyarados. Its shuca berry is extremely effective at taking earthquakes from Flygon, Gyarados, and Dragonite. Name: Shuca Berry Metagross Move 1: Meteor Mash...
  10. Anyone wanna give this Vanilla DS Team some Flavor? [OU]

    This is a good team but i would recommend changing your gliscor to a stallbreaking gliscor with taunt, eq, roost, toxic. It still beats lucario and tyranitar and walls fighters to death but can also own stuff like bliss and forry commonly used on stall with taunt. The most important item to...
  11. Final OU RMT - Hyper Offense

    Ya he is 2hkoed by T-bolt which means he sacs something brings in tar eats a t-bolt then kills the jolt with crunch. Jolteon is a problem for a lot of offensive teams because his specs thunderbolt does a number on a lot of the sweepers used in ho and even at +1 jolteon still outspeeds some of...
  12. Final OU RMT - Hyper Offense

    I would not recommend replacing kingdra with a choice scarf flygon. The golden rule of ho is no choice users because they dont hit hard enough, especially flygon. flygon's eq is just asking gyarados and dragonite to sweep your team. Tyranitar is great against jolt. I dont see the problem. I have...
  13. Surprise, Surprise Another Lucario Team

    You should put thunderbolt on Mismagius to counter gyarados and give lucario crunch/stone edge/ice punch as two priority is redundant. You already kill frail ghosts who are immune to espeed with pursuit scarf tar why do you need bullet punch?
  14. Machamp as a Lead? You wish.

    I like this team especially the subddnite. I recommend earthquake instead of superpower because attack drops are bad and eq still has great coverage. Also i see gyarados running through this team even with two scarfers because he outspeeds them both after a dd. He can set up on metagross locked...