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  1. eckae

    Silk-Road *Everything Now In Stock*(HP and Egg Move Pokes+Shiny Shop)

    .welcome to my dojo. Trainer ID:39447 IGN: Eckaè fc: 2595-1181-5774 I like egg moves and lvl 1 nicknameable shinies.. and cool balls i guess and cool lvl 1 kb shinies *LF bulk cloners to help with shinies too* wants: shiny teddiursa, shiny tangela, shiny clauncher RULES 1. function in disaster...
  2. eckae

    Baton Pass Team

    found this site a few weeks ago, instantly hooked... been an avid pokemon player since age 10, although i haven't made it past GenIII this is my baton pass team :) i usually open with espeon, set up dual screens and switch out to mew i rock polish first then nasty plot as many times as i...