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  1. Medical Meccanica

    MM's Pixels

    Since I've been getting more into battle spot lately thought I'd stop back in on the smogon forums, and in that case, why not post my pixel stuff? I do fakemon, commissions on flight rising and other sites, game assets for things i'll never make, portraits, fanart, and other junk. Just to...
  2. Medical Meccanica

    A Splendid Fakedex

    Hi, I'm a spriter who occasionally makes bad ms paint sketches (anything with a crappy sketch is due to be sprited. Their concepts are not final) #1 Basiliz Basilisk Pokemon Grass BASILIZ can run across water because of the tiny hairs on its feet. This has caused some to label it as cursed...
  3. Medical Meccanica

    MM's Monsters

    EDIT: everything past the british zeppelin on the first page are not Pokemon. They're for my own game, Hieros Gamos. So don't say they don't look like Pokemon or whatever. Here's what I have of my fakedex so far. (haven't sprited the starters yet, sorry.) My dex in total has 152 fakemon, with...
  4. Medical Meccanica

    Pocket Spriter 6: Spriter Mage Thief

    Figured this is okay, since it's art related. Pocket Spriter 6 is approaching! Tonight at 7:00 PM EST, the sixth addition of Pocket Spriter, a live Pokemon spriting tutorial that focuses on Fakemon, will be held on the PS livestream channel: Here's the...
  5. Medical Meccanica

    Giant Iron Pixelart

    pixelart as in original sprites. OLD: NEW: Got lazy on the Bibarel, but whatever. May post more old stuff soon.
  6. Medical Meccanica

    Sprites and handdrawn concepts of MM

    some of you who hang around SPPF and other places may know me by the same name. This is my first post. Don't expect me to post too much because I play with gimmicks/favorites and thus have lost every match but one lol. Old and in need of a revamp New (due for some fixes) (concept by...