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  1. Little Green Yoda

    By Trick or By Force

    Here's a team that I've had a decent amount of success and a whole lot of fun with. Lately, most of my losses with this team seem to be due to my lackluster prediction skills moreso than faults of the team itself. However, I'm probably overlooking some critical flaw so I'd love if I could get a...
  2. Little Green Yoda

    So why aren't more people using Wobbuffet?

    To the uninformed, Wobbuffet has been unbanned from the Shoddy ladder for over a week now. Meaning, yes, you CAN use it in ladder matches. Arguments about its uber status aside, it is a very good Pokemon to use. It definitely has the stuff to crack the top 10 in usage. I've had a fair amount of...
  3. Little Green Yoda

    Relying on resistances for switches rather than a generic wall

    This was brought up in the "Blissey Substitutes" thread but I felt it's worthwhile enough of a topic to not get jumbled in with the Blissey hate posts. At least two posters mentioned the use of resistances rather than a generalized wall in that thread. And in the prelude to D/P, a number of...
  4. Little Green Yoda

    Electivire's effect on the use of (other) Electric Pokemon

    The last Electivire topic was made back in February and I want to focus more on its impact on the rest of the metagame. The thing pretty much shuts down every other Electric type in the game with Motor Drive. Against a 0 HP EV, 0 SD EV, neutral nature Electivire, Hidden Power from Zapdos is...