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  1. Ansem1013

    Ansem1013 - OU RMT - Help Move Sets

    my 1st RMT, so sorry if it's kinda crappy (I have no knowledge of comp battling except for what I've read here). These are pokemon I like, and I think can work in OU together. Like I said, this is my 1st RMT, so ALL CRITICISM AND HELP IS WELCOME. I mainly need help with: the team: LEAD...
  2. Ansem1013

    HMMT - Help Make My Team

    If this would do better in another place, please move it..... yeah, I've been gone for awhile, though I wasn't known enough to be missed. Anyway, I kinda need help making a team. I would've gotten a tutor, but I'd have to wait a while for that opportunity to arise again. Anyway, I kinda want...