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  1. Calugia

    Jellicent [QC: 0/3] Written

    QC checks: GP checks: Overview In a metagame mostly absent of the knock off sets that have cast this former heavy hitter into RU, the Pringle Squid proves to be an unexpectedly functional special wall. Capable of answering many prevalent physical threats in Ubers thanks to its unusual...
  2. Calugia

    Collaborative Project: We Only Write the Tier Lists

    Competitive pokemon has a rather storied history, with tons of crazy additions and ups and downs that we as players have been discussing and experiencing for years. So I think it's time that we put it all together and write a song about it. The basic idea is that it would be "We Didn't Start...
  3. Calugia

    Pokemon Showdown Ability Programming Issue

    Hey all. So I've been teaching myself how to program in pokemon showdown, to mixed results. I've learned how to edit moves and pokemon, as well as create new pokemon. However, my first attempt at creating a custom ability hasn't gone to well. I had an ability idea called skirmisher, which...
  4. Calugia

    Help creating custom content

    Hi there all of you. Me and some friends of mine have been working on a theorymon project recently and we could use some help. Primarily, that help means somebody with the ability to program custom moves, items, and abilities for our showdown server. If there are any among you capable and...