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  1. CAP 20 CAP 20 - Part 10 - Moveset Discussion

    Moveset Submission Name: Boosting Shuffler Move 1: Calm Mind Move 2: Scald Move 3 Recover / Flash Cannon Move 4: Dragon Tail Ability: Water Veil / Heatproof Item: Leftovers EVs: 252 HP/ 168 Def / 84 SpA Nature: Bold A bulky mono-attacking set that allows the spreading of burns and uses Dragon...
  2. CAP 20 CAP 20 - Part 9 - Art Poll 3

    Magistrum Mos-Quitoxe Quanyails
  3. CAP 20 CAP 20 - Part 9 - Art Poll 2

    Magistrum Mos-Quitoxe DougJustDoug CommanderZorvox Knirp Golurkyourself Quanyails paintseagull
  4. CAP 20 CAP 20 - Part 9 - Art Poll 1

    Yilx Magistrum Hollymon Mos-Quitoxe aXl DougJustDoug Yveltal Bird The Unseen Potato Doran Dragon HeaLnDeaL noobiess paintseagull
  5. CAP 20 CAP 20 - Part 7 - Secondary Ability Poll 1

    Heatproof Early Bird Clear Body/ White Smoke
  6. CAP 20 CAP 20 - Part 4 - Primary Ability Discussion

    The big main ability I think would be the best to create a fairly unique Pokemon for mixed boosting. Prankster. With Prankster you have priority boosting, and even bigger, potential priority recovery. A Pokemon can be far more bulky with the ability to guarantee recovery first. It would also...
  7. CAP 20 CAP 20 - Part 2 - Typing Poll 1

    Electric / Fairy Steel / Fairy Water / Steel Poison / Dark
  8. CAP 20 CAP 20 - Part 1 - Concept Assessment 2

    With the right set up move you don't need particularly high stats. Just as an example, Serperior manages to be a threat (just barely missing OU by 0.3% points) with just 75 SpA. Granted, for it the "right set up move" is a 130 BP STAB attack but the point stands. If we don't want the CAP to...
  9. CAP 20 CAP 20 - Part 1 - Concept Assessment

    I'm surprised that nobody's brought up Nasty Plot + Bulk Up/Coil. First, consider Bulk Up. There's a lot more physical sweepers/revenge killers out there, thanks primarily to the bulk of priority being Physical. Defense boosting would allow the CAP to better shield themselves against these...
  10. CAP 18 CAP 18 - Part 9 - Movepool Limits

    I think the baseline of 33/65 is fine. As is Volkraken is going to have 4MSS since it's going to need both it's stabs and at least one support move already. Letting it have more then a handful of options for the fourth slot isn't going to hurt it and allow it to do its job much better.
  11. CAP 18 CAP18 - Part 9 - Non-Attacking Moves Poll

    Allow Substitute I don't particularly care about the phazing moves but holy crap banning Substitute is insane.
  12. CAP 18 CAP 18 - Part 10 - Name Poll 1

    Calormare Vampyser Volkraken Visquid
  13. CAP 18 CAP 18 - Part 9 - Non-Attacking Moves Discussion

    Disallow Flame Charge CAP has the power to be able to do massive damage with just a speed boost, in fact; Disallow Thunder Wave The CAP already is spreading burns and is specially bulky enough to handle most Special Attackers. Plus, you know, speed. Allow Yawn/Roar/Whirlwind/Perish Song All...
  14. CAP 18 CAP 18 - Part 9 - Attacking Moves Poll

    Allow Overheat Allow Sludge Bomb Disallow Sludge Wave Poison coverage is essential, Overheat is basically a tradeoff between more PP vs not having to switch.
  15. CAP 18 CAP 18 - Part 9 - Attacking Moves Discussion

    Allow Poison Coverage Without Poison type coverage Azumaril, probably one of the more dangerous Fairies, is much more difficult to handle.
  16. CAP 18 CAP 18 - Part 9 - Attacking Moves Discussion

    I think in general, Ice type coverage shouldn't be allowed. One thing that's supposed to check CAP is Latias
  17. CAP 18 CAP 18 - Part 8 - Art Poll 2

    DougJustDoug Yilx
  18. CAP 18 CAP 18 - Part 8 - Art Poll 1

    DougJustDoug Blue Frog Arkeis BonzaiRob Yilx Golurkyourself
  19. Baton Pass - its role in the metagame and possible solutions to nerf full Baton Pass chains

    I've read the thread none of the arguments against it are particularly convincing. It all comes down to people not wanting to prepare for another team archetype. Take, for instance the most common starter for Baton Pass Chains, Scolipede. What's a common Pokemon that just completely wrecks it...
  20. CAP 18 CAP 18 - Part 7 - Secondary Ability Poll 1

    Mold Breaker Cloud Nine Infiltrator The best of a bunch of bad decisions.