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  1. (WIP) Let's Go In-Game Tierlist

    I've put a little over 30 hours into Let's Go Eevee now. I beat the game, completed my pokedex and managed to beat two of the post game big bosses (might try for the third later, but the master trainers are hard!). Overall the game can be very easy if you have the right team, but a lot of...
  2. Warstory: The Swines of War

    Thanks! It was really tense. I honestly thought I was going to be 6-0.
  3. Warstory: The Swines of War

    Thanks man!
  4. Warstory: The Swines of War

    The Swines of War (NU Warstory) Greetings Smogon and welcome to my first Warstory! I recently started playing NU because I found OU and UU to be too stale. NU is a very interesting tier because you’ll always find new and interesting pokemon sets to use. With that said, please ignore my use of...
  5. Official Smogon University Simulator Statistics — October 2012

    | 1 | Genesect | 145258 | 18.759% | 126041 | 20.139% | | 2 | Politoed | 131347 | 16.962% | 120412 | 19.240% | | 3 | Ferrothorn | 129784 | 16.760% | 111014 | 17.738% | | 4 | Dragonite | 124017 | 16.016% | 96516 | 15.422% | | 5 | Scizor...
  6. The Best Pokemon in UU

    Ditto is very easy to play around. If he switchs into heracross, just which to your Hera counter (because every team carries one now). Trying to take out your darmanitan, switch in your check. Ditto is effective against certain teams, but can be dead weight against stall teams. Even HO teams can...
  7. Gen 5 The UU Viability Ranking Thread

    What about virizion? I've heard a lot of people argue that it won't function well in UU. I've yet to test it due to the release of the new games, but I've battled it and it seems pretty good. Can anyone else comment on it?
  8. Gen 5 The UU Viability Ranking Thread

    I've yet to use meloetta, but I've seen it used and it can rip a team apart. Mixed variants can switch between relic song and can take out any walls that try to stop it. Granted it's not as good as other mixed sweepers that don't have to spam an attack to change frames, but it's still pretty...
  9. Gen 5 The UU Viability Ranking Thread

    Should Golurk be considered as well? Granted he's not that good, but he's still more viable in UU than dusclops. I was thinking C tier since he can fill so many roles. He can set stealth rock, spin block, tank hits with 3 great immunities and can hit hard with his coverage moves.
  10. Gen 5 The UU Viability Ranking Thread

    I think Porygon2 is worthy of an A rank. It walls a ton of special attackers and some physical attackers with the right EV investment. It's movepool is pretty wide and he has a usable atack stat to actually damage the pokemon he's walling outside of toxic stall. The icing on the cake is trace...
  11. Taking a look at BL

    As far as weather is concerned, I think sand and hail could introduced without ruining the tier. Of course this would only work if Snow Cloak and Sand Veil were banned. (It's seriously broken in all tiers). Sun on the other hand is just too powerful. With every chlorophyll sweeper bar venasaur...
  12. Gen 5 The UU Viability Ranking Thread

    The main problem I've encountered against ditto is that it's only good against offensive based teams and some balanced teams. When facing Stall teams the match quickly becomes 5-6 just because ditto can't do much when copying the nonexsistant stat boosts of stall. Add to the fact that a balanced...
  13. #genvuu Challenge #3 - Rock Bottom

    I like the idea, but what will become of this challenge? Will we be discussing what it's like using less than stellar mons or do we get a nice little token for hitting a certain ladder number?
  14. Gen 5 The UU Viability Ranking Thread

    I think rotom-h should be moved up to B rank. It's stab is nearly unresisted and with HP grass he hits even more of UU for super effective damage. Combine that with supportive moves like will-o-wisp and you have a deadly Pokemon. He's still weak to stealth rock and special walls like porygon-2...
  15. Helpless Team

    Hey ra02! Your team has promise, but you might want to change shaymin from specs to life orb with synthesis. Running a set like this: Shaymin@life orb/leftovers Timid nature 252sp atk/252spd/4 hp Seed flare Air slash Earth power Synthesis Leftovers could be used if you want to live longer. A...
  16. Official Smogon University Simulator Statistics — September 2012

    From what I've experienced, kyruem is mainly used to stall. Seeing as how OU is more offensively oriented and hail is rarely used, kyruem isn't going to be used that often. Out of all the BL pokes, gothitelle and wobbuffet are the most used seeing as how they perform niche roles on weather...
  17. The Outsiders Challenge — Mk II

    I have to agree with on this. Team Building is exceptionally hard seeing as how the pokemon banned a typically pokemon I slap onto a team as glue. I've been playing around with a Jelli/Ferro combo with sweepers and wall breakers. So far it's been okay. Nothing magnificent in the way of...
  18. The Outsiders Challenge — Mk II

    Ugh I've got to start over because someone already has the username "the kraken" and it's just told me now. Anyways, Name: Natdude101 Alt:Krakenlover Ladder standing: None....sigh
  19. np: UU Stage 8 - I Remember

    Didn't see that coming, but I've been out of the loop for UU for a awhile. Was it a quick ban? I didn't even think Shadow Tag Gothitelle was released yet. I'm assuming Chandelure will meet a similar fate if it doesn't get bumped up to OU once it's dream world ability is released.
  20. The Outsiders Challenge — Mk II

    I'm not very good at laddering, but I'll give it a shot. Name: natdude Alt: The Kraken Ladder standing: none yet