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  1. Taso

    Pokémon Inteleon

    I'm at work so I can't test this right now, but does Snipe Shot really bypass water absorb? I was under the impression that snipe shot only prevented the redirection of the target. For example, in a double battle against a fire type and a Gastrodon, if you used any water move on the fire type...
  2. Taso

    USUM Creative and Underrated Sets

    Huge fan of Delphox, but unfortunately UU is a tier filled to the brim with a bunch of Pokemon that usually counter it. The biggest threats are dark types with pursuit. I've spent the past month trying to come up with a set that could face UU. At a point the best thing I could come up with was a...
  3. Taso

    Smogon Simple Questions & Suggestions Thread

    Thank you. Unfortunately my set could be considered gimmicky which is against the rules of the thread (I've been trying to make a specific NU Pokemon work in UU, and I've finally found decent success). I guess I'll have to hold off on posting the set until I'm higher on the ladder and have proof...
  4. Taso

    Smogon Simple Questions & Suggestions Thread

    If I wanted to make a thread or post which discusses a set for a Pokemon that I've made, which section should that go? I looked at the Smogon Metagames > UU section and noticed it's mostly tournament threads and I don't want to be That Guy posting a thread out of place. There's also the Rate my...
  5. Taso

    (Little) Things that annoy you in Pokémon

    Well that's unfortunate. Only made this account to get opinions on this subject, but now it's relegated to a thread where it will be burried very quickly. Completely my fault for not reading the rules (and no ill will), but man that's potentially an unfortunate wasted amount of work on my part...
  6. Taso

    (Little) Things that annoy you in Pokémon

    Ice Types Should Resist and Beat Water Types I will break this into three sections. Also, this is not a post about balancing. While it could be argued that having ice types resist and beat water types would benefit the balancing of the game, that is not the point I will be trying to make. On...