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  1. Gurkenbrot

    Metagame Last Will

    In OU, you really can't get an Entrainment off. In this meta however, dying equals Entrainment. As many people know this, they don't like to kill Durant and hold back. So Durant generally lasts longer and gets multiple Entrainments off. Also, OU Durant needs Eject Button to be intact to do...
  2. Gurkenbrot

    Metagame Last Will

    Thanks for the feedback. I personally run Durant with Eject Button and Dugtrio with Sub/Protect/HC/Earthquake and remove the Flying Types before attempting to sweep. I personally managed to grab 3 kills pretty often and it was not that rare that my Durant survived longer than my Dugtrio. I had...
  3. Gurkenbrot

    Metagame Last Will

    What do you think about Entrainment Truant Durant? Outside of trolling people, is Entrainment Truant Durant + Protect Hone Claws Dugtrio an acceptable core or complete gimmick garbage? Entrainment is in the last slot, of course
  4. Gurkenbrot

    Metagame Camomons

    I would prefer something like this: Beedrill-Mega @ Beedrillite Ability: Adaptability EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe Jolly Nature - Double-Edge - Drill Run / Knock Off - Swords Dance - idk lol 120 STAB move backed by Adaptability will hurt, Electric immunity lets it block...
  5. Gurkenbrot

    Metagame Metagame Discussion Thread v2

    Can we talk about Mega Beedrill? Mega buff means that it actually has a four moveslots and not 3 + Protect. It forces out all Tapus thanks to adaptability Poison Jab and can use the switches it forces to set up a sub or to create momentum with U-Turn. Pretty fun with Dugtrio. Or...
  6. Gurkenbrot

    Metagame Metagame Discussion Thread v2

    Being able to bring things in safe is pretty big especially when you consider that you need Scarf Pheromosa, A-Ninetails or priority to hit them before they hit you with a rain boosted specs hydro pump. Hurricane also means that it really only needs it's STABs for damage. Politoed might have...
  7. Gurkenbrot


    I'd suggest something experimental. Like SubSalac Bibarel, Belly Drum Linoone or sticky meme ft. Refrigrator Rotom or Fedora Birb
  8. Gurkenbrot

    Metagame Automagic

    Snatch? Predicting it is much easier now and it should technically work because the moves are actually used. It would allow you to prevent the opposition from setting up while setting up on your own, which can be nice for things which don't have good set-up moves or want to save moveslots for...
  9. Gurkenbrot

    Resource SM OU Viability Ranking Thread

    Sheddy isn't supposed to spread burns, thought. Or not primary. It's supposed to create switches, to lure in potential threats while you pivot into something which deals with these switch ins like Duggy or at least force them out for that sweet additional 12.5% pebble damage. Will O Wisp is just...
  10. Gurkenbrot

    Pokémon Araquanid

    To be honest, if you want to bore your opponent to death with chip damage, just use Pyukumyuku. It doesn't care about set-up and is equally bulky. Using chip damage to beat your opponents when you have Huge Power for water moves is just an extremly huge waste.
  11. Gurkenbrot

    Pokémon Pyukumuku

    Are there any good BP recievers with Unburden? I'm thinking about passing Curse to a reciever which has Unburden + White Herb. White Herb removes the drops and triggers Unburden, thus doubling your speed and resulting in effectivly passing bulk + power + speed. This thing would be the passer...
  12. Gurkenbrot

    Pokémon Silvally

    I guess you might still be able to use Imprision on Ground Sylvally if you really hate VoltTurn. Just replace Parting Shot with U-Turn and boom, you have something which blocks. The other slots are STAB + coverage or other utility options, maybe a move which prevents one of your Pokes to simply...
  13. Gurkenbrot

    Type: Null, Silvally Discussion

    It is a slow and really bulky U-Turn user with offensive presence. Sure, the lack of Recovery sucks. It basically means that it can't do it's job very often. However, if it does it's job, then something will die or, at least, get crippled very badly.
  14. Gurkenbrot

    Old Mon BST/Ability Change Discussion

    To be honest, I believe it will still be OU, at least after that marshmallow of doom gets the hammer. While losing the nice ground immunity hurts him a lot, it is still really fast and hurts hard, while having a very spammable STAB. Also, bringing in frail stuff is pretty easy this gen, thanks...
  15. Gurkenbrot

    Enchanted Items [Now Multibility]

    Would it be possible to code it in a way that you only need to write the name of the ability in the item field? This would be treated as an item which adds the ability you typed into the item field to the pokemon.
  16. Gurkenbrot

    Project OU Theorymon

    Fairy/Fire Sylveon Honestly thought, I can get behind the idea why you wanted to use this typing since Fairy/Fire has a set of resistances which can mess with common threats. However, I feel that it just doesn't fit on Sylveon, because there is literary no piece of flavour which could possibly...
  17. Gurkenbrot

    Follow The Leader [Pre Viability Ranking Discussion!]

    I think it's worth mentioning that Roserae learns Sleep Powder, Bullet Seed and Synthesis.
  18. Gurkenbrot


    How does Hyper Beam and clones work? How does Multi Hit moves work?
  19. Gurkenbrot

    Follow The Leader [Pre Viability Ranking Discussion!]

    Keep in mind that Talonflame can learn some special moves.You could always run special mons. Heatran or Molteres might fit. Molteres is faster and gets priority STAB, Heatran is immune to poison. 252+ SpA Life Orb Moltres Fire Blast vs. 252 HP / 4 SpD Heatran: 238-281 (61.6 - 72.7%) --...
  20. Gurkenbrot

    Follow The Leader [Pre Viability Ranking Discussion!]

    Swoobat and Bibarel might be pretty interesting in that metagame. They can both pass Unaware and Simple, which are great abilities. Unaware can deal with set up shenanigains (like Shell Smash Spam, Linoone Vanilla Squads etc) and contray spam, while Simple might help you to set up on other...