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  1. Absollite

    Other Metagames [1v1] Red, White, & Blue ft. Triple Megas [Peaked #6]

    Introduction Hey Smogon members! After making my latest RMT, I decided I wanted to return to take a break from the popular tiers and go back to an old favorite tier: 1v1. I used to play 1v1 a lot, and peak top 10 all the time. Now, after playing more of the main tiers, I wanted to go back and...
  2. Absollite

    ORAS OU Wings of Fire

    Introduction Hey Smogon members! Absollite here. This is the second RMT I've created, and this time it will be in the OU tier. I built this team recently. I don't even know what this team is...I guess bulky offense? I'm not sure, really. But nevertheless, I think it's a really fun team to use...
  3. Absollite

    ORAS Doubles OU Sea of Fire: A Doubles Hyper Offense Team

    Introduction Hi Smogon members! This is my first RMT! I don't think I'm very good at teambuilding, and I want to know other people's opinions on my team. I wanted to try something different from just the standard OU, so I thought doubles would be cool. I didn't want to do VGC either, since I...