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  1. Six Trails


    Does anyone here have any half-siblings? If so, is the relationship pretty much the same as you'd consider a normal sibling relationship? Does your mom/dad (whichever parent you share with them) treat them better/worse than you? I don't have any half-siblings, but I've always wondered what it's...
  2. Six Trails

    Competitive Pokémon Giveaway (CLOSED)

    Hi, I intend to add more Pokémon once I complete my Omega Ruby, but this shop will be open soon. To get a Pokémon, please just fill out the below form and wait for me to PM you. I will try to get back to you as soon as possible. Please also add my FC before making a request. Thank you. Note...
  3. Six Trails

    ORAS UU Rate my team pls