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  1. Mystletainn

    SM OU The Queen of Gen 7

    Hi all, Mystle here! Some of you may know me from various places around the Showdown server(s), but I'm here to throw down my newest favorite team I've been running. I've been a gigantic fan of the Pheromosa - Tapu Lele core since day 1 of Sun & Moon, and have usually been running it in some...
  2. Mystletainn

    Other 1v1 RMT - Triple Threat (Peaked #1)

    Hello there! I'm a big fan of the 1v1 ladder, the matches go by so quickly but there's actually a lot to it, contrary to what many may think. I've had great success with this team since the 1v1 change (from just one Pokemon to being able to carry three to choose from), and I thought it'd be good...
  3. Mystletainn

    Knights and Jokers - OU RMT

    Mystletainn's OU Team Hey everyone! I came here (again) because I've been playing quite a bit on Pokemon Showdown, but I can just never seem to get above the 1850 area, and I was wondering what tips you guy could give me with my team. At a glance, we have: I'm not really sure what to...
  4. Mystletainn

    First Pokemon Team - Intro To Online Battles

    Hello, everyone! I just joined Smogon today, because I'm finally going to start trying WiFi battles. I did a bit of research and took a look at the tiers and the metagames, as well as watching some YouTube videos, and decided I liked UU best so far. Anyway, I finished EV training my Pokes, so...