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  1. Seaco

    Toronto Regionals Canada, May 13-14

    Yo! Champ in the making Toronto Pokemon Regionals are in just 6 weeks, now is the time to start planning and booking. INFO: LOCATION: The International Plaza Hotel, 1655 Dixon Rd. Toronto, Ontario M9W-1J3 Canada This is super close to Toronto's main international airport. DATE/TIME: Toronto...
  2. Seaco

    Toronto, ON Mid Season Showdown - Jan 15

    Toronto has its first MSS happening! Hope you can show up! Details: Sunday Jan 15th at 11 am at Dolly's Toys and Games 115 Montezuma Trl, Scarborough, ON M1V 1K4, Canada more info at
  3. Seaco

    IM NOT DEAD! - Seaco's Art

    The Nuzlocke Comic is at the bottom of the page! link down to the first chapter of the Nuzlocke My name is Seaco and this is my art thread. I haven't done much on Smogon since I joined, just some...