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    Simple Questions/Requests - Mark 49 (Minor Pokemon Trades, Item Requests etc GO HERE) (NO HACKING)

    Anyone have a hidden ability skiddo? Any nature or gender is fine. I can throw you an impish dewpider with 5IVs (imperfect sp.atk) with stickyweb and stockpile.
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    CAP 24 CAP 24 - Art Submissions

    (A first draft that is in no means a finished drawing) I've had this design for a while, so I was excited to see my favorite type combo pop up on on CAP. Just a simple forest spirit with wooden masks as the main theme. The beard is like a hanging moss type substance and the many limbs are based...
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     Art Critique Thread

    This is a piece I did for FB art, originally. However I'm afraid of commitment so I never reserve anything and someone else reserved decidueye. But feedback is always good for people. Have at it! I'm mostly unhappy with the head. Doesn't seem dynamic enough to me. But that's just something I...
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    some of my recent stuff

    I wanna know more about these figures. Did you make these? If so how? Also that Paras Rattata fusion is prolly gonna give me nightmares
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    Art Stuffs from a Sunfish

    Lol if it's for a game I would say simpler might be better. I just didn't understand the context of your project. Simple or not your work is pretty awesome.
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    Art Stuffs from a Sunfish

    Love your fakemon. Are you actually going for a finished product rom hack or is this just a fan-made Pokedex for fun? Your quill pen bug evolution line is such a creative idea. But all of them are quite fantastic. I'm not sure what your plans are for the art but seeing some more curves and...
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    BARABOY's mediocre art thread

    As for your traditional art, they are full of character! Very whimsical and cartoony. It's also remarkable how much you have improved as you post more work. I don't think this is because you magically increased you mastery of art over a few days, I think it has more to do with time. It looks...
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    Lily's Art

    Fantastic work. You should know how jealous I am of you for how well you can draw humans. Your Charmeleon girl is definitely my favorite with your talonflame girl a strong second. The images are very well structured and in addition to your lineart being fantastic the shading is quite excellent...
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    Sticky Smeargle Studio - Open mic

    I absolutely agree with Vederation. There's all sorts of really cool stuff, but there isn't much conversation (which is kind of what forums need to not be dull). I'm definitely guilty of this too. It's kind of like Facebook where you just scroll through and look at what funny videos people...
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    Awesome! happy to contribute!

    Awesome! happy to contribute!
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    according to the link i still am one, unless it was removed in the past few days

    according to the link i still am one, unless it was removed in the past few days
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     Art for Social Media

    sorry I didnt reserve anything prior, but I drew a buzzwole for y'all. Lemme know if anything needs changing (and of course you don't have to use it if you don't like it)
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     The Workshop

    Just bought an iPad today so I thought I would try out some of the art apps. Unfortunately I didn't have an idea of how sizing works so the image might be too big. Either way I hope this is what you you were looking for!
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     Fakemon Central (read the rules in the OP)

    Sorry for an almost double post but here's another thingy I drew. It's supposed to be a fairy/grass psuedo-legendary Stage 1 - Mossprite Incredibly rare due to poachers, It lives only within the deepest mountain forests. It's cold stare makes other pokemon uneasy, so it spends its time...
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     Fakemon Central (read the rules in the OP)

    Prismur wanted to see some more color in gamefreak's early game normal critters (so I just made one). We don't really have a lemur pokemon yet and the rings on the tail were fun to play with.
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    Sure thing! I'd be flattered!

    Sure thing! I'd be flattered!
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     Daily Draw challenge

    Alolan Togekiss (dark/fairy) basically when the first togepi came to Alola it's trainer neglected it. It stored hate and malice in its shell instead of happiness. Because it's shell represents a grudge it never let it go of, it's shell rotted with age and grew twisted and black. However this...
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    Challenge The Scramble Challenge - Mark 2

    Zuphix if your still looking for mons, and you're use to playing the old games I think I'd have a fun Mon to use I'd say you should take mistheart the feebas. Mistheart is a kind Pokemon. She is very protective and cannot stand for mistreatment of others. Should anyone of your Pokemon faint...
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    Sticky Have a question? Ask it here! (NOT SM QUESTIONS)

    I'm SRing for a bold xerneas. Just got a 31/31/29/31/18/9 one. The speed IV is terrible, the Sp.Def is decent and will be boosted anyway. Is the speed stat worth resetting for or should I keep this one? Any thoughts?