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  1. zorbees

    Well #69 voting

    why did you link a guy named ryan and say thats not you, isnt your name ryan
  2. zorbees

    just a website basically My Smogon account is one year away from being able to make an account on

    my account can brag to theorymon's account about how being born in 2008 is so much cooler than being born in 2009 despite the fact that theyre only 2 weeks apart
  3. zorbees

    Board Game Smogon Chess Tournament - Round 6 [Post 978]

    im gonna drop out, give my opponent the win
  4. zorbees

    hi, not sure where to post this..

    perhaps CHAOS EAT FESTERING SMOGON refers to the feud between chaos and Tom Smog over control of the site. It seems clear to me that chaos doesn't want to give Smogon over to Tom Smog, and would rather eat the website to ensure that nobody can control it.
  5. zorbees

    every post is the exact same joke I still have your game that I borrowed a month ago

    Calling act, my opponent didnt show up for our scheduled time
  6. zorbees

    seterra speedrun challenge

    too many characters, just say the n word
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    introduce yourself as someone else (without being a dick about it)

    Hi i'm LonelyNess and i hate this picture
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    What made your day better?

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    Board Game Smogon Chess Tournament - Round 6 [Post 978]

    opponent keeps forgetting about this:
  10. zorbees

    Board Game Smogon Chess Tournament - Round 6 [Post 978]

    i contacted my opponent but he hasnt been on in 2 weeks so im not hopeful it'll get done
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    Board Game Smogon Chess Tournament - Round 6 [Post 978]

    wow cant believe you beat anish giri
  12. zorbees

    Board Game Smogon Chess Tournament - Round 6 [Post 978]

    Brisked and I were supposed to play today but he isn't responding to me on discord, maybe this tag will help.
  13. zorbees

    SPL XII - Commencement Thread

  14. zorbees

    Well #64: voting

  15. zorbees

    Survivor General Discussion Thread/Statistics

    stats are dumb for judging who is good at survivor anyways
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    Other Among Us (PC/Android/iOS)

    games are like 15 minutes long max
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    Other Among Us (PC/Android/iOS)

    This is a cool game that I've recently seen a bunch of streamers playing. It's similar to mafia but you're on a spaceship and have to do tasks while the impostors (bad guys) kill people and sabotage the crewmates (good guys). The crewmates have to figure out who the impostors are and vote them...
  18. zorbees

    Second Place Parroting 2 [Game over, won by Martin]

    yeah but martin didn't say martin would win so did he really win?????
  19. zorbees

    Other Smogon Puzzle Hunt 3 [Signups]

    This year we will be even stronger with the power of shungite on our side