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  1. Aurora

    woef woef

    woef woef
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    i've been pretty good actually, how are you

    i've been pretty good actually, how are you
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    tier list no one asked for Rating the most fuckable Air Ride Machines in City Trial (Kirby Air Ride Game Cube)

    i'm not sure this is what the developers meant by "air ride"
  4. Aurora

    Editing Pokemon Sword

    I saw all of these threads where people were editing Pokemon games. So I decided to try my luck with one of the newer games... Don't make the same mistake I did.
  5. Aurora

    Post your freezing cold takes

    if you heat this thread up then all the freezing cold takes will melt and it'll be your fault
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    Well #64: nominations

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    Computer games you played when you were younger (or still play)

    One of my favourite shitty Flash games when I was younger was Junkbot. You played as this robot in a factory that walked aimlessly from one end to another and the goal was to lead him to piles of garbage situated at a specific point in each room so he could eat them. You got him there by putting...
  9. Aurora

    every post is the exact same joke I’m still a gamer

    i've recently had an epiphany. see, now i think that my life is like a video game. i'm trying hard to beat the stage, all while i am still collecting coins. also, i'm trying hard to save the girl. whoever that may be. this girl is probably metaphorical, but when i think about it, they could...
  10. Aurora

    itt you post about being sick but it cant be about covid

    yeah, i'm S.I.C.K. Sadly Ingesting Cold Kale
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    eye don't get it
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    Dad jokes

    Kid: I'm tired! Dad: Hi, tired. I'm Dad! XD
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    every post is the exact same joke I'm going to the store, anyone want anything?

    one 24 pack of chicken mcnuggets with rick and morty™ szechuan sauce on the side please
  14. Aurora

    i had no idea you spoke dutch

    i had no idea you spoke dutch
  15. Aurora

    Meme Thread Mk. 2

  16. Aurora

    Pet Peeves Thread

    People who ask me if I am left-handed when I am visibly writing with my left hand.
  17. Aurora

    Candy corn

    we don't have that here but anything with the words "candy" and "corn" together sounds disgusting
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    every post is the exact same joke I’m still a gamer

    "wait, martin's still a gamer?" "always has been..."
  19. Aurora

    pinkmoth appreciation thread

    roze nachtvlinder
  20. Aurora

    scheduling with americans

    as someone who has scheduled in both australian and european timezones i cannot tell you how much better it was to schedule in europe. much less waking up at 6 or 7am or staying awake until ridiculous times. GMT +10 is a living nightmare