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  1. KurashiDragon

    what kinds of a person are you?

    I did the thing. I don't know why I did the thing but I did the thing
  2. KurashiDragon

    What makes you, you?

    My naturally negative personality that runs counter to my nature of doing things as well as I possibly can. That and my weird habit of using words I didn't know I knew in conversations and posts. Today's word of the day is "Predisposed"
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    Opposite of serious: how do we stop Global Warming?

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    The "hi", therapeutic thread

    Hello from Syracuse New York. How was your day people? I just got home from work and I'm up in my room with constant pain in my feet and fighting the urge to sleep. You'd think that was a bad thing until tell you that before yesterday, I couldn't even make it up into my room after getting home...
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    Serious On raising children and specifically spanking

    Physical restraint as in holding a child down? My definition of Corporal punishment is smacking and Spanking. Something immediate to get the child to calm down or listen. Trying to physically restrain a child is actually pretty difficult. Anyway, my move has always been "Try talking it out more...
  6. KurashiDragon

    What religion or belief system are you?

    What would general believe in a higher power / afterlife be? That's generally how I'd describe my belief and I've always used Deist to describe it but I'm not 100% sure if that's the absolutely correct term for it.
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    Serious On raising children and specifically spanking

    This isn't necessarily an argument about ethics, it's an argument about parenting in general with a focus on spanking. So no, I'm not side stepping any argument, I just haven't been arguing about the ethics sense that wasn't the focus of my argument. Also, "would you hit an adult who did...
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    Serious On raising children and specifically spanking

    Depends on the context of the situation. Smacking someone is immediate and does make them more receptive. Not that it necessarily works on everyone or that it works on someone 100% of the time but as I said, it's context. Understanding what works in what situation. "A hell raiser flying through...
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    Serious On raising children and specifically spanking

    I've edited this post at least three different times because I'm not exactly sure how to say what it is I want to say. Corporal Punishment is.... complex for me. I've been spanked before and I've spanked others before so you'd think I would accept it easily but the thing is, it's a nuanced thing...
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    What do you do on sick days?

    I don't have sick days. I have days where i think my head is hot and go to work anyways. Last time I remember being sick enough that I needed to stay home *that wasn't just me faking it* was when I was a teenager feeling like I was dying for the better part of an afternoon. I didn't realize I...
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    Tell us a funny story from your childhood!

    I've got a fun story. I don't remember how young I was exactly but I believe I was somewhere between 5 and 8 years old, walking home from school. I had almost gotten there when I noticed some guys hanging out on their porch. I didn't really mind them much and was about to continue walking when...
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    Your ways of saving money

    Right now I'm in a situation where I don't have to worry about a lot of things. I can admit that I'm well off. That said, over the course of 2 years, I still managed to get to 2k max on a minimum wage job and stay on a consistent 1k on average with about 300$ to 500$ on bills, a month. I myself...
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    Can someone actually be selfless?

    Selflessness and Selfishness are not mutually exclusive. It's entirely possible to be both at the same time. A selfless act for a selfish reason isn't an entirely rare occurrence. Neither is the opposite. Giving someone 100$ may be seen as a selfless act but if that was because you were offered...
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    Serious Left X Right 2: Electric Bogaloo (An experiment)

    Ohh how fun. I'll give this a go. If only because as of posting this I haven't thought to much about these kinds of things. 1. What, for you, is right-wing? I'm gonna try to avoid the far side of these wings I think it's more the traditional crowd wing that adheres to what works and typically...
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    Serious when is violence acceptable?

    No. In all but the most last resortiest of last resorts is it alright to resort to violence. The simple fact is that it doesn't matter how evil you personally think the ideology of the person opposing you is, when you resort to violence, you're the evil one. I don't care if you're opposing a...
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    To what extent does risk have inherent value?

    With Deal A there's a chance that you'll get both but there's also going to be that chance that you'll get neither. With Deal B you'll always get something out of the deal whether it's something you want or something you need. I'll go with B. I'm not really a risk taker / greedy and with B, I'll...
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    Smogon Photo Album: The New Official General Bona Fide Thread

    Welp, imma go laugh for 5 minutes straight now.
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    Smogon Photo Album: The New Official General Bona Fide Thread

    ..... Eh why not and here's a picture of me being weird because sometimes I just like to act weird.
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    Separating Genders

    I had considered making the walls bigger as I was making the post. However, I think that would come with a ventilation issue. But then that could be rectifiable by installing a ceiling / wall fan so I'm not really sure why this isn't already a thing. In any case, while yes this can happen...
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    Genuine Authentic Happiness: Possible?

    That wonderful moment when I'm fast asleep with my door closed and some spaghetti with meatballs are being cooked downstairs. The smell of the spices being cooked with the meat fills the house and seeps through to my room, waking me up. So far in my life, that has been the happiest I've ever...