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  1. XienZo

    Ability Tiering Thread and General Ability Discussion (Final Check)

    Moody's banned because it turns the game into a crapshoot, not because it's particularly that good; it's never used in Hackmons for a reason.
  2. XienZo


    There's a difference between a primary effect and a secondary effect w/ 100% chance of activation. The latter is prevented by Sheer Force and blocked by Shield Dust.
  3. XienZo

    Ditto IVs are copied for the purposes of Hidden Power, but stats are not recalculated. Essentially, Ditto also copies Hidden Power Type/Power. Just grab a max HP Ditto and you're set, no need to worry or even RNG.
  4. XienZo


    Transform/Imposter directly copies final stats, regardless of base stat/EV/IVs, so it'll always have the same speed stat as the opponent. Not to mention you're going to be throwing Choice Scarf on it anyway....
  5. XienZo

    Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 Move Tutor Moves

    Sleep Talk is indeed one of Murkrow's tutor moves, and since that gets +1 priority, you get a 33% chance or so of calling up Whirlwind with +1 priority.
  6. XienZo

    Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 (DS, June in JP, Fall in EU/NA/AU) - Updated May 12th

    It changes a single 50% multiplier to a 100% one... (or technically, changes a single variable from not-effective to normally-effective) It's still likely a typo, but the comparison to the Hypnosis change is entirely valid, since they still would have the exact same problem (what would've hit...
  7. XienZo


    It could be that if you put it in Defense, it doesn't raise its defense by enough to offset the loss in HP. I.E, if an attack dealt 408 damage to a 409 HP Reuniclus, and you moved some EVs to Defense such that Reuniclus has 401 HP, the additional defense would not be enough to lower the damage...
  8. XienZo

    Ask a Simple Question; Get a Simple Answer & General Resources (OU Edition)

    That being said, despite the common myth that the 3.4% is derived from some complicated objective mathematical system, it's interesting to note that both the 50% and the 20 battles used to calculate the 3.4% are more or less arbitrary; there's no particular reason we didn't use 25% and 10...
  9. XienZo

    Ask a Simple Question; Get a Simple Answer & General Resources (OU Edition)

    1-(1-50%)^(1/20)= 3.4% It's usage required such that on average, you have a 50% chance of seeing the pokemon one or more times in 20 battles.
  10. XienZo

    np: OU Suspect Testing Round 5 - Sandstorm (Excadrill/Thundurus Banned)

    So what's wrong with there not being a counter to all variants of BP? Infernape and Dragonite clearly aren't broken just because there isn't a universal counter, so it's faulty to say that BP is broken just because there isn't a universal counter for that.
  11. XienZo

    np: OU Suspect Testing Round 5 - Sandstorm (Excadrill/Thundurus Banned)

    DP Infernape never had a single direct counter, since it could use some coverage moves to beat them.
  12. XienZo

    Dream World Tier Discussion

    If it actually was broken, how would it be possible to "overprepare" for it? If Chandelure was actually broken, then it'd be a must-have on every team regardless of how much people adapted to deal with it.
  13. XienZo

    np: OU Suspect Testing Round 5 - Sandstorm (Excadrill/Thundurus Banned)

    Only if you want to spin for your opponent; Defog removes hazards on their side of the field, that is, the ones that you put down.
  14. XienZo


    Roulette is a luck based game. Pokemon is no more luck based than poker or backgammon; luck influences the game, but it's not what the entirety of the game is about. With Moody, you crowd out most other aspects of the game leaving pretty much only luck.
  15. XienZo

    Exploring the Glitchmon Metagame

    Most pokemon have to be from a gen 3 game in order to have access to the move Mimic, so a gen IV Aron likely can't get it.
  16. XienZo

    Double Team and Minimize:Broken or Uncompetitive?

    I can't believe people are still saying Double Team is broken because it's overpowered. If you waste 1 turn using Double Team, you have a 25% chance of breaking even and making your opponent waste 1 turn, and a 75% chance of giving your opponent a free turn. If you waste 2 turns using double...
  17. XienZo

    Official(!) Smogon University PO Stats -- September 2011

    It's 29th, one place lower than the normal rankings.
  18. XienZo

    Ask a Simple Question, Get a Simple Answer Mark III: Read the FAQ in the Opening Post

    Yeah, but you might as well Outrage it anyway.
  19. XienZo

    np: OU Suspect Testing Round 5 - Sandstorm (Excadrill/Thundurus Banned)

    How can stopping a supposedly "broken" strategy suck? Double Team isn't even broken; it's under evasion clause because it's luck-dependent, not because it was ever tested to be overcentralizing and stagnating to the metagame. That's why no one would ever use Shock Wave; it's a crappy move that...
  20. XienZo

    np: OU Suspect Testing Round 5 - Sandstorm (Excadrill/Thundurus Banned)

    It's true that "If it's popular, it's broken" is a complete fallacy, but it's also irrelevant. I'm arguing that the converse, "If it's not popular, it's not broken" is true. And given that we're a competitive community, we should be trying to win. A broken strategy, if it really is broken...