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  1. tml

    DPP Cup V - Round 1

    I dont want to play opp can have win sorry :pirate:
  2. tml

    DPP Cup V - Round 1

    Sub me in
  3. tml

    healthy lifestyle thread

    Ask me again in a year
  4. tml

    healthy lifestyle thread

    But he did say he has now trained 14 years, so that would be 4 years into his hard work, so it's not like that was just lucky genetics. I know that's not what you meant but I wanted to mention it anyway. Lee may not believe he trains particularly hard, but he is certainly very dedicated. You get...
  5. tml

    healthy lifestyle thread

    That is so inspirational, great improvement from beginning of may amazing achievement!
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    healthy lifestyle thread

    Something that really worked well for me for extra fat loss was intermittent fasting. Basically I stopped eating at 8pm and then didn't eat the next day until at least 12 lunchtime...There is technical science involved but to make it simple, after your body has used all the food in your system...
  7. tml

    ADV Cup III - Round 3

    Confirmo ggs
  8. tml

    ADV Cup III - Round 2

    Some fortune helped me to win 2-1 but I still think the games were good, ggs smilzo
  9. tml

    ADV Cup III - Round 2

    I vmed smilzo
  10. tml

    DPP Cup III - Round 1

    Dropping out ggs Jirachee
  11. tml

    BW Cup III - Round 1

    Ggs d0nut
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    ADV Cup III - Signups

  13. tml

    DPP Cup III - Signups

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    healthy lifestyle thread

    To the guru Lee ;what are your thoughts on huel? I am really struggling to gain because I must burn way more calories than I eat. I still take in my lbs to g in protein no worries but the caloric total still comes to <3000. I am currently aroud 13 stone and 6 ft 1 in a fairly lean state. I...
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    BW Cup III - Signups

  16. tml

    Serious Balancing Life and Pokemon

    You will definitely not regret quitting this game altogether. I promise.