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  1. Gen 8 Battle Facilities Discussion & Records

    In my limited experience with the old legendaries so far (using an old Suicune set, which Jumpman used in a previous Battle Tower. In fact, the Suicune was from him, so he likely remembers what it had. Nicknamed Holy Water), he was pretty much untouchable. Granted, a defensive powerhouse like...
  2. MLB Discussion Thread

    Didn't even know it was keeper this year. I also forgot about the draft, but my team looked pretty solid. I tweaked it a bit because of guys on the DL (RIP Cliff Lee) & I like it. Good luck this year all.
  3. MLB Discussion Thread

    Barely use the forums these days, I'm down to return again if a spot's open.
  4. Smogon Premier League VI - Player Sign-Ups

    Player Name: drcossack Tiers Played: ORAS Ubers Timezone: EST Significant Time Missed?: No
  5. Ubers is now a tier; a new Metagame called Anything Goes is added; M-Ray is banned from Ubers

    Yes and no. It DOES become more manageable, but the problem is that it can still rip teams apart after an SD. I posted two calcs on an earlier page, but you can run the calcs Chaos posted & just adjust them to not include Life Orb.
  6. Ubers is now a tier; a new Metagame called Anything Goes is added; M-Ray is banned from Ubers

    That's part of the problem. Yes, Mega Rayquaza is weaker without LO, there's no denying that. The problem is, it's still capable of ripping teams apart - it's still got base 180 Attack, Swords Dance, Priority, and Dragon Ascent. Here's two calcs I did just now on IRC, both with SD/without LO...
  7. The Latias DPP Tournament - Signups

    Man, it's been forever since I played Gen 4 OU, but f it. I'm in.
  8. MLB 2013 Season Thread if there's still spots available.
  9. Battle Spot singles Tourney round 2!

    Beat B-lulz 2-0.
  10. MLB 2013 Season Thread

    Ready to not be the bottom of the barrel this time.
  11. Wi-Fi Blacklist: as of January 30th, 2014

    While it's a dick move to not give you 30 speed (which is the max speed for HP Ice), he did say it was 5 IV. He never said where the 5 IVs were located.
  12. Battle Spot Singles Tournament! [SIGN UPS]

    In, 2766 9382 1976 Oh. Quick question: Pokebanked mons allowed or no? They may be legal & available, but we have to find someone with a Japanese 3DS who downloaded it on the first night of availability to send any forward.
  13. Donate Pokemon for Social Media / Facebook / Twitter!

    Throwing these legendaries/Ubers into the mix. Everything but the Yveltal was RNG'd on 4th & 5th gen: Kyogre: 31/31/31/30/30/31, Timid. EVs: 252 HP/6 Def/252 SpA Zekrom: 29/31/31/31/31/31, Hasty. EVs: 252 Atk/6 SpA/252 Spe Thundurus: 31/28/30/31/31/31, Timid Defiant (HP Ice), EVs: 4 HP/252...
  14. Yveltal (QC: 2/3)

    Mewtwo-Mega-X's Stone Edge vs Yveltal (306 - 360 HP) Damage: 77.66% - 91.37%. Yveltal can't check Mewtwo-X. Conversely, Mewtwo-X can't switch in on it. LO Yveltal's Oblivion Wing vs Mewtwo-Mega-X (343 - 406 HP) Damage: 96.89% - 114.69%. As far as Blackglasses vs Life Orb: Blackglasses is...
  15. Season V Farm League - Sign-ups!

    Name: drcossack Tier: XY Doubles
  16. Player Sign-Ups! SPL Season V

    Player name: drcossack Tiers played: XY Uber / XY Doubles Timezone: GMT -5 (EST) significant time missed: No
  17. 4RT's Hidden Power Pokemon Shop. [ON HIATUS]

    Anything specific you're looking for?
  18. 4RT's Hidden Power Pokemon Shop. [ON HIATUS]

    Still looking for Genderless HP Pokemon? If you are: Pokemon you want: 31/x/31/30/31/30 [HP FIRE] Bulba Your Offer: 27/31/31/28/31/31 Timid Moltres (HP Electric) Trainer Name: Mike Friend Code: 0473 7953 5345
  19. Gen 6 The "Are my Pokémon IVs and Nature good?" Thread

    Got this Timid Moltres earlier: 27\31\31\28\31\31, Hidden Power Electric (the HP type I was aiming for)