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  1. Windsong

    Gen 4 SPL XII - DPP Discussion Thread

    Really fun set of matches this week. Gonna be following DPP pretty closely this year -- I think the pool's really strong and the tier is in a great place as of now, so I expect some creative teams and well played games over the next eleven weeks. I also think there's a ton of parity here, and I...
  2. Windsong

    SPL XII - Commencement Thread

    confirming the speculation that rey was trying to draft me for among us
  3. Windsong

    Smogon Premier League XII - Player Signups [Auction Jan 3rd, 3 PM GMT-5]

    Player Name: Windsong Tiers Played: DPP OU Timezone: GMT-6 or GMT-8
  4. Windsong

    Proposal SPL Format Discussion

    That's...sort of my point though: old gens don't have a ton of depth, and SPL needs to field 60 players across 12 teams in five different old gen tiers. The past gens have some excellent players at the top, and some of the best SPL games I've seen the past few years came from players in pre-ORAS...
  5. Windsong

    Proposal SPL Format Discussion

    Strongly agree with Ajna and Lax's excellent posts. Anyone convinced that past-gens are all inherently more competitive/have a higher quality of play and stronger 12-man deep playerbases than current gen lower tiers hasn't been watching enough SPL past-gen games the last few years.
  6. Windsong

    Multi-gen Retro Cup of Pokémon 2020: Signups

    Nation: US Midwest Tiers Played: adv/dpp/bw Inactivity: week of 8/10-8/17 Requested Captain: LittleLucario
  7. Windsong

    The UU Open IX - Signups

  8. Windsong

    Tournament RU Snake Draft: Week 1

    SM RU: Mannat vs Finchinator
  9. Windsong

    The World Cup of Pokémon 2020 - Qualifying Round 2

    go us midwest :blobthumbsup:
  10. Windsong

    Tournament RU Snake Draft: Player Signups

    Username: windsong Metagames: i learned what heavy duty boots are yesterday Foreseeable activity: ima play (Sword/Shield)
  11. Windsong

    The World Cup of Pokémon 2019 - Round 1

    won vs cyberodin, timely rock slide miss made it easier, gg squad creds to Logan, as always
  12. Windsong

    Tournament RUPL - Finals [Won by Mighty Mudsdales]

    won, gg tiebreak rupl fina let's get it
  13. Windsong

    Tournament RUPL - Semi-Finals

    lost in a real good one vs the best player to ever touch this tier sorry team, thanks for carrying my washed up self this entire tour; I promise I'll be useful against Draps next week
  14. Windsong

    Smogon Tour Season 27 Playoffs - Finals [Won by Luigi]

    pick up #3, Kevin
  15. Windsong

    The World Cup of Pokémon 2019 - Introduction

    KW control your mans
  16. Windsong

    Multi-gen RoAPL V: Week 6

    won vs eo, gg man
  17. Windsong

    The World Cup of Pokémon 2019 - Introduction

    SMFH all these clowns need to stop trying to usurp Ojama; the man's done an outstanding job as manager of the Indie Scooters for the past two years and is clearly a leader through and through I'd imagine the vast majority of the tour community agrees
  18. Windsong

    The World Cup of Pokémon 2019 - Signups

    the timing worked out after all windsong midgens central west
  19. Windsong

    Multi-gen RoAPL V: Week 4

    won, gg go team!