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  1. nov

    Nov's Art (Now with 47% more art!)

    I am Nov, I like arting occationally, and I use Sai. I hope you like the artwork!
  2. nov

    The Abandoned Baby

    The Abandoned Baby Hey everyone. This Rate My Team is to help me out with my Reuniclus team. Reuniclus is one of my favorite OU pokemon because it embodies my favorite playstyle (bulky Offence with a slight empahsis on the defensive side). But Reuniclus is really not used all that much...
  3. nov

    UU Immunity Core

    Hello everyone. I've decided to stop OU until weather become less prominent (most likely never, but hey maybe someday). Anyway, for the first time in BW, I've decided to step down to UU. Since I love having creative team "concepts," I decided to go for a team that has a lot of immunities. My...
  4. nov

    The Double Weather Offensive

    Hello Everybody! I couldn't sleep last night so instead I went onto PO and randomly made this double weather team just to see how it did. While there were a few kinks at first, I've been able to consistently win about 2/3s of the time, which I think is pretty good considering how strange the...
  5. nov

    Nov's Novelties

    Below is most of the work I've done while at Smogon. Hope y'all enjoy! The idea of a food chain came to mind when the contest theme was meal time, so I made a literal food chain. Tried to make the mons look as close to their anime designs as possible. Summer This came in to my head after...
  6. nov

    Volcarona Sweep

    Hey guys, I've just recently gotten back into the whole competitive battle thing. In fact, I haven't played since D/P. I've made a team, but I'm not having a great time about it. I've lost a good deal so I could use a bit of help. I know my favorite pokemon of the 5th generation is Volcarona...