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  1. IronedSandwich

    SM OU Tornadus-T + Alolan Marowak defense-oriented balance

    apolgies for the terrible formatting I've been trying to build a team around Tornadus-T for a while. Regenerator + U-Turn is a fantastic combo. Alolan Marowak makes a great partner for Tornadus-T; Alolawak appreciates the momentum gain from U-Turn as well as something to switch into when...
  2. IronedSandwich

    SM OU Reuniclus Webs HO

    In order to win games quickly on the suspect ladder I decided to build a hyperoffense team (which I don't usually play). Originally I was using a team with no webs, but I found that it wasn't working very well. you can't have webs offense without a web setter. Smeargle was opted for over...