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  1. DPP Cup VI - Round 2

    requesting a one day extension, if not possible give my opp the win
  2. GSC Cup VI - Round 2

    any chance my round 1 match can get played?? I saw my opponent on smogtours like 5 mins ago but he left without saying anything. There is also 3 hours left before round 1 was supposed to end edit: lost, ggs
  3. DPP Cup VI - Round 1

    He is in the right, if I can get a short extension it would be appreciated, if not he can have it edit: we are playing soon edit2: i won 2-0, ggs
  4. GSC Cup VI - Signups

  5. RBY Cup VI - Signups

  6. DPP Cup VI - Round 1

    in as sub if there's any room
  7. Smogon Snake Draft III - Week 4

    how the hell is Eo 3-0 in 2019??? OU: FMG vs BKC - I'm a fan of both players but I'm pulling for the chkn
  8. BW Cup V - Round 1

    won 2-1, ggs
  9. DPP Cup V - Round 1

    won, ggs
  10. RBY Cup V - Round 1

    subbing to replace user 'BYE'
  11. DPP Cup V - Round 1

    my opp messaged me this morning saying he would be on all night, i told him to stick to the scheduled time as i was working then. it's now been 20 minutes since the scheduled time and he has not showed up. I will try to schedule again for sunday - ___
  12. Smogon Premier League X - Finals [Won by the Alpha Ruiners]

    deserved win, if an SPL MVP award existed it would definitely go to lavos, well done
  13. Smogon Premier League X - Finals [Won by the Alpha Ruiners]

    SM OU: BLUNDER SANTANA vs lax ORAS OU: Poek vs Pearl GSC OU: sulcata vs Lavos
  14. DPP Cup V - Signups

  15. BW Cup V - Round 1

    sub it
  16. Smogon Premier League X - Week 7

    DPP OU: giara vs Malekith DPP OU: Void vs k3nan DPP OU: roscoe vs Jimmy Turtwig DPP OU: Tamahome vs GaryTheGengar DPP OU: DeepBlueC vs sig west side wins
  17. Smogon Premier League X - Week 6

    DPP OU: ToF vs Aeroblacktyl - Should be a good one, sry ToF but I just can't predict against a DD Custap user DPP OU: Jimmy Turtwig vs DeepBlueC DPP OU: Void vs Malekith
  18. SPL X - Commencement Thread

    Midseason signups are restricted to people that signed up for the original auction. (NEW) this rule sucksssssss Not everyone has the time to play a full season especially with how demanding team building can be on a week to week basis. I think you'd get a better pool of players if you allowed...
  19. The World Cup of Pokémon 2017 - Finals [Won by Team USA East]

    SM OU 1: ABR vs. Pearl SM OU 2: -Tsunami- vs. MetalGro$$ SM OU 3: PDC vs. Ban Manaphy SM OU 4: TDK vs. Blackoblivion SM OU 5: John vs. R!cardo ORAS OU: FlamingVictini vs. Jimmy Turtwig BW2 OU: Jayde vs. ZoroDark DPP OU: august vs. Void - hi aug ADV OU: Bad Ass vs. We Three Kings GSC OU: BKC vs...