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  1. Old Name and Profile Change Requests

    Requesting name change to Psychotic
  2. ORAS The Next Best Thing...: Snorlax - Voting

    Metric. :]
  3. Smogon Happenings -- post here for publicity (YES, YOU)

    Galladite and Lopunnite are now banned from UU. Reasoning for both can be found here.
  4. np: UU Stage 1 - Changes

    Second round of bans has ended, this time there were only two suspects: Galladite - 10 ban, 1 no ban, 1 abstain Lopunnite - 10 ban, 1 no ban, 1 abstain Which means Galladite and Lopunnite are now (temporarily) banned. Here's the reasoning behind these two bans: Mega Gallade was banned due to...
  5. np: UU Stage 1 - Changes

    The ability to use Stealth Rock is currently Mawile's only selling point over Klefki, and it isn't much. I think the most notable shift was Sableye leaving, as it was a huge thorn in the side of many physical attackers. I might even start spamming Reckless CB Mienshao now that the only Ghost you...
  6. np: UU Stage 1 - Changes

    So for anyone who doesn't know, these are the tier changes that will affect what you can and can't use in UU: Sableye moved from UU to OU Salamence moved from UU to OU Metagross moved from UU to OU Mawile moved from OU to UU Unfortunately, even though Salamencite was just banned we're still...
  7. np: UU Stage 1 - Changes

    Just to be clear kokoloko, was this the team that was 6-0'd by spdef Empoleon? definitely sample team worthy imo
  8. Smogon Premier League VI - Player Sign-Ups

    Player Name: Nas Tiers Played: ORAS UU / ORAS RU / ORAS NU Timezone : GMT -8 (PST) Significant Time Missed?: n
  9. ORAS UU Tournament Round 2

    Diancie used Calm Mind! Diancie's Special Attack rose! Diancie's Special Defense rose! The opposing Vaporeon used Scald! A critical hit! It's super effective! Diancie lost 100% of its health! Would have swept him clean but as usual lose to a crit. ggs!
  10. ORAS UU Tournament Round 1

    Beat Qwilphish gg
  11. np: XY UU Stage 3 - Calling [Diggersby: BL, Next: Scolipede]

    My experience with snake thus far have me leaning towards UU, though I believe it is still a very potent threat in the meta. DD Zygarde has the ability to run slight variations in its set that can have a dramatic effect on the effectiveness of whatever check/counter your team is running. Some...
  12. XY/ORAS Underused Battle Replay Thread Really intense game between myself and FLCL, and a good showcase of dominant strategies in today's meta which is why I thought I'd share it with you all. Enjoy~
  13. ORAS UU Tournament Round 1

    Ununhexium said his computer broke and would like to be subbed out. (check vm wall)
  14. ORAS UU Tournament Sign Ups [CLOSED]

  15. np: XY UU Stage 3 - Calling [Diggersby: BL, Next: Scolipede]

    Last time I checked Togekiss can't use all of its available sets in one game lol. And Scarfkiss can't even outrun Jolly Mega Aero... "Rotom heat can lose to roosting off damage and boosted hits wear it down." Yeah, when Rotom-H is faster and immune to Thunder Wave, which means the only way...
  16. np: XY UU Stage 3 - Calling [Diggersby: BL, Next: Scolipede]

    Jirachi has Wish and Power-Up Punch yo
  17. The Ubers Open III - Round 6

    got lucked by lochie
  18. UU Sample Team Thread

    Well I suppose I may as well post the better version of the team. Swampert @ Leftovers Ability: Torrent EVs: 252 HP / 4 Atk / 252 Def Relaxed Nature - Stealth Rock - Scald - Earthquake - Protect Alakazam @ Alakazite Ability: Magic Guard EVs: 4 Def / 252 SpA / 252 Spe Modest Nature IVs: 0 Atk...
  19. UU Conquest

  20. The NU Open III - Round 4

    Won in 2, ggs