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  1. Cynara

    Post your searing hot takes

    the 1994 original, wasnt aware there is a other version
  2. Cynara

    Post your searing hot takes

    The Lion King is the worst disney movie
  3. Cynara

    Ubers 2020 Ubers Championship - Finals (Won by Pohjis)

    Icemaster Why is your response so sour ? My predicts are 100% honest, I predict for who I believe is the better player. I don't dislike you btw. I just don't think you're as good as youre made out to be and overhyped by the Ubers community. SS is a poor metric for success in my honest opinion...
  4. Cynara

    Post your searing hot takes

    Winter is the best time of year, nothing better than going out in the nice cold air. Anything above 24~ celcius is honestly too hot.
  5. Cynara

    Resource SS Ubers Bazaar (Post your teams here!)

    spectres - Bulky offense we'll all be dead (Yveltal) @ Choice Scarf Ability: Dark Aura EVs: 252 HP / 32 SpA / 40 SpD / 184 Spe Timid Nature - Foul Play - Oblivion Wing - U-turn - Defog wishing well (Zygarde-Complete) @ Leftovers Ability: Power Construct EVs: 76 HP / 176 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spe...
  6. Cynara

    Resource SS Good Cores

    Behemoth Blade hits like nothing, Play rough I feel is more important coverage here, Zygarde-C is a very important target in the current meta, along with pokes such as Zekrom, the stray kyurem-black etc. CC + Wild Charge is pretty redundant too, you can drop them for Swords Dance (pref CC)...
  7. Cynara

    Project Ubers Replays This UPL game demostrates a fantastic utilisation of Ditto + Gothitelle team to deal with top meta offensive pokemon and orch excutes the team wonderfully during this game with key knowledge of sacks and HP management on crucial...
  8. Cynara

    Ubers 2020 Ubers Championship - Finals (Won by Pohjis)

    He forgot to play a single SS Tour. byronthewellwell vs Perry - Byron is the best ubers player as per performance of 2020 and has honestly shot up in skill level since the beginning of the year and Perry just hosts tours? KyogreF4N vs Rhmsitb - Idk who this is, but he seems like a long lost...
  9. Cynara

    Other Lower Tier Premier League III - Player Sign Ups

    Player Name: Cynara Tiers Played: SS Ubers / SS BSS Timezone : GMT +0
  10. Cynara

    Tournament Most Wanted II - Commencement

    Just as a note as some people may question my signup and may feel it's questionable. I honestly promise to tryhard like any usual tour, and help the team out how I can with prep and actually do my best in games regardless of manager. I'm bored, lonely and want to make friends. I just wanna play...
  11. Cynara

    Project Personal Ubers Viability Rankings

    S: Zacian-C Calyrex-Shadow A+: Zygarde-C - forces teams to mitigate hax a lot, mitigating hax is a key aspect of comp pkmn Kyogre Xerneas - Wins bc people dont check Geoxern A: Yveltal Eternatus Ditto Ho-Oh A-: Pheromosa - fastest VIABLE revenge killer in the tier Necrozma-DM - sux as a...
  12. Cynara

    Metagame np: SS Ubers Stage 4 - POWER (Dynamax Banned)

    The real problem could very well be Zacian-C. I don't think People who feel Zacian-C is the overwhelming element are strictly wrong. Arguments for Zacian-C are obviously valid. Zacian-C is more one dimensional and more of a stand-alone pokemon to me, it's selfish and doesn't really support the...
  13. Cynara

    Metagame np: SS Ubers Stage 4 - POWER (Dynamax Banned)

    Please stop making these kind of posts, they add nowt to discussion. Anyway to make this post less useless, the results from the ubers survey are in. What I find interesting from all this is the overwhelming opinion on Calyrex, though I share this sentiment, its surprising to see this much of a...
  14. Cynara

    Tournament Most Wanted II - Player Signups (Closed)

    Name: Cynara Tiers: USM / BW / SS Tournament Avatar:
  15. Cynara

    Eating Animals

    There's nothing better than a good rare/medium rare steak. Agricultural farming is still harmful to animals/environment
  16. Cynara

    Announcement passing the torch

    Good riddance
  17. Cynara

    Post your searing hot takes

    Openly hating the British shouldn't be a socially accepted norm
  18. Cynara

    Shin Megami Tensei / Persona Thread (Spoilers)

    Nocturne Remake is very exciting, I love SMT despite only playing Nocturne and the 3DS games in full. It's probably one of my favourite games out side of Pokemon, Okami, DQM. As for persona I could never get into it as much for some reason. It just feels like westernised SMT and doesn't seem to...
  19. Cynara

    Expansion to the endless battle clause

    Just ban Leppa berry and be done with endless battle clause exploitation, No serious competitive strats exist with Leppa Berry and offers a uncomplex, low collateral solution. Please let me know what niche endless strats exist that don't utilise leppa berry in case im missing something (with the...
  20. Cynara

    Metagame np: SS Ubers Stage 4 - POWER (Dynamax Banned)

    Despite sheer discontent addressed amongst players, including past high calibre tournament players coming out to even post, which honestly says a lot to me, People find this metagame still unplayable, certain elements too restrictive / overwhelming to overcome in the teambuilder and in game...