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  1. bmacbnasty

    ORAS NU Mega Audino Stall

    Hello and welcome to my RMT. Today we're going to be exploring a stall team I constructed during the Tauros Suspect Test and prior to the drop of Quagsire, Trevenant, and Gurdurr to NU. Stall, while a viable playstyle in the meta, definitely struggled against setup sweepers like RestTalk Malamar...
  2. bmacbnasty

    ORAS OU Haxorus Bulky Offense

    Hello and welcome to my RMT. I've been playing ORAS OU ever since it came out, but I only ever made RMT's for the lower tiers (check out my RU RMT that I did for the Durant Suspect Test). In any case, we're...
  3. bmacbnasty

    Can't Knock The Hustle (Durant Suspect Test)

    Hey guys first time creating an RMT and I've always wanted to do it, and I finally got around to it. I have been playing RU a lot as of late because I wanted to participate in the Durant Suspect Test. I have been playing with different teams and I have found this particular team to be successful...