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  1. blunder

    Announcement SM OU Suspect Process, Round 2 - Dirt

    YEA DAT WAY Hey everyone, the OU tiering council has decided to test Dugtrio. Dugtrio has been claimed to be the progenitor of the stall craze due to its incredible utility in trapping, and has thus led to further questioning of the role it plays in the metagame. In order to address a direct...
  2. blunder

    Stall in SM OU

    i wanted to make a post on stall in sun moon ou as it has sort of changed since oras ou. back in oras ou sableye was banned to 'nerf' stall but in sun moon ou stall is a lot more powerful than it ever was in oras. the core of toxapex + skarmory + chansey + clefable can basically take on almost...
  3. blunder

    ORAS OU Suspect Process, Round 7, Voting

    its time yall Voting on Sablenite. List of qualified voters (71): blunder boudouche CrashinBoomBang Finchinator M Dragon PDC TDK a12qsd ABR Ban Manaphy Best Teambuilder Blackoblivion Branflakes325 cdumas Christo. Ciele CK James Clearly DANN3 Dead On Arrival Eeveeto Empo Get this Money Googly...
  4. blunder


    Backpackers From 1000-1500 Points on PO undefeated. INTRODUCTION: It’s been a while since I have posted an RMT and when I did, it was back when I was a scrub. This team was made because at the time I hated the BW2 OU metagame and being original was close to impossible. Almost all teams that...
  5. blunder

    Mobile Smogon Page or App

    is it possible to make a mobile smogom page for easier ways to get around? It's really laggy to type on the actual website because there is so much going on. So i was wondering how hard it would be to make like a mainframe or and android or apple application for easier viewing
  6. blunder

    Goose Fury (Ranked #3 on Showdown)

    Hey guys, I'm Thunderblunder. I've been playing RU since about October, but never really got into it as I usually preferred OU. About a month or so back, I started to get really into it and came across a certain Pokemon we know as Zangoose. Whenever I played RU, I was usually beaten by Stall...
  7. blunder

    Whirlpool of Destruction (Peaked #20 @ 1414)

    EDIT: ^ Actually ranked 20 @ 1414 points and I will upload the picture tomorrow morning Hey guys, I believe this is my Fifth RMT here at Smogon and probably my most successful one as well. When Starting out DW OU, I really was only interested in using my favorite mons, (Contrary Serp...
  8. blunder

    Ice Age with Mammoths and Dragons

    Hey Smogon. This my 4th OU RMt which pretty much capitalizes on Non Weather Hyper Offense (Kinda) Without further ado, let's get into the team building. I wanted to base this team around Mamoswine. Mamoswine has always been one of my favorite Pokemon and has a great attacking stat...
  9. blunder

    The Shark, The Gazelle, The Dragon, and Whatever Mew is- (A Weatherless OU Team0

    Hey Smogon, this is my third RMT I have written. This time I wanted to focus my team around underrated sweepers and Pokemon in the 5th gen OU Metagame. I could keep rambling on about this or I could do the preferred option and get into the teambuilding :) I really don't understand why...
  10. blunder

    Uxie (Trick Scarfer)

    Uxie [SET] Move 1: Trick Move 2: U-turn Move 3: Stealth Rock Move 4: Thunder Wave / Psychic Item: Choice Scarf Nature: Impish Ability: Levitate Evs: 252 HP / 196 Def / 62 Spd Why this Deserves to be on Site - Uxie hits 362 Speed with this set with the Choice Scarf and can...
  11. blunder

    Kyurem (Mixed Hone Claws)

    [SET] Name: Kyurem (Mixed Hone Claws) Move 1: Hone Claws Move 2: Outrage Move 3: Blizzard Move 4: Focus Blast Item: Life Orb Nature: Hasty Evs: 76 Atk, 216 SpA, 216 Spd Why this Deserves to be On site - After One Hone Claws, it gains the ability to destroy in OU - Blizzard and Focus...
  12. blunder

    (QC 3/3) (GP 2/2) Hydreigon (Mixed)

    Hydreigon [SET] name: Mixed move 1: Draco Meteor move 2: Earthquake move 3: Outrage move 4: Fire Blast item: Life Orb nature: Naive / Hasty evs: 104 Atk / 240 SpA / 164 Spe [SET COMMENTS] <p>While Hydreigon is almost always seen running a fully special set, a mixed one...
  13. blunder

    Don't Mess with the Core!- A Different Kind Of OU team (Peaked #83 On Smogon OU)

    Hi Smogon, This is my second RMT posted here. This team has brought me to the Rank 83 on The Wifi OU Ladder. I wanted to base this team on the Classic Mixed Infernape and with a Water-Fire-Grass Core, So here goes.... Infernape has always been one of my favorite pokemon, and Its Mixed Set...
  14. blunder

    Hyper Offense Ranked #12

    Recently, I've been trying to create a new team that could cover most of the threats in OU. After lots of teambuilding, I decided on this team to use. For a while now, it has been amazing and has really done me well. But yet, many of my pokes are frail, and die to faster threats. Any help would...