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  1. Metanazo

    [Open!] Lost Horizon: A Shiny Ultra Beast Pokemon Giveaway! (XURKITREE UPDATE!!!) )

    (Do not close) I'm back!....again...Did you miss me? Doubt it. Are you reading this? I doubt it. But if you are, type in the words "Pikachu with crippling obesity" down in the comments below for a free fat acknowledgement by me...not that it matters...anyway this giveaway was suggested by...
  2. Metanazo

    Metanazo's Egg Mosh Pit! (A Shiny Every Single Month!)

    What's hanging my sweet peas! I believe we haven't met! My name's Metanazo. Welcome to the pit! This is not only a newbred giveaway, but a competition! Users will compete to get a pokemon with the nickname chosen for a chance to win a shiny! (Odds for nicknames are 1:10) RULES *Deposit a Male...