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  1. Vaz

    How do I explain Chinese medicine to people who think it's superstition?

    When comparing Western Medicine to TCM, we need to first acknowledge that both have two different modus operandi. Western Medicine is the science or practice of the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease. The Western mindset is "What is the problem? What is at fault here?". Western...
  2. Vaz

    The World Cup of Pokémon IX - Sign Ups - Read post #322 and #463

    Pokémon Showdown Username(s): Vaz Tiers:XY / DPP Country / State of Residence: Australia ETHNICITY: Greek
  3. Vaz

    Season V Farm League - Sign-ups!

    Name: Vaz Tier: XY OU
  4. Vaz

    Player Sign-Ups! SPL Season V

    Player Name: Vaz Tiers Played: XY OU / DPP OU Timezone : GMT +11 (AEDST) Significant Time Missed?: A few days mid-January.
  5. Vaz

    Is there anything (not related to Pokemon) that you are one of the best in the world at?

    When I was 9 I began training in Judo. I never enjoyed it when I started, but eventually I grew to endure the sessions. I participated in many state and a few national tournaments. After several years in training, I consistently come 1st in many state tournaments. However as I got older, I...
  6. Vaz

    Bug Reports v2.0 (READ OP BEFORE POSTING!!)

    Draco Meteor is currently illegal on Hydreigon in OU (pre-pokebank) however it is clearly able to learn the move via the Move Tutor on Route 21, between Victory Road and Snowbelle City.
  7. Vaz

    Ask A Simple Question, Get A Simple Answer - Pokemon Showdown! Edition

    Can we expect to see ladders representing the currently available metagames on the cartridges via GBU (Singles, Doubles, Triples and Rotation)?
  8. Vaz

    XY Smogcast #1

    Will we see a ladder set-up on showdown with the rules for standard singles like we see on GBU (3 Pokemon, Level 50s, Uber Clause, Item Clause, Species Clause)?
  9. Vaz

    Smogon's XY Kickoff Tournament [Signups]

    EDIT: maybe next tourney
  10. Vaz

    Other Most Improved Pokemon

    What looks as the most decisive factor in most of these bump-ups is the Fairy type addition to old pokemon. The most notable benefactors of the new typing include: Azumaril Gardeviour Mawille Togekiss Another factor is the new move Sticky Web. Arguably the best user of this Entry Hazard...
  11. Vaz

    Move Freeze Dry

    With minimal availability, I don't pertain this move to see much exposure, especially since Ice types are so under-classed anyway. In its respective tier wherever it is placed, I can see validity in its use on sets by Articuno and possibly Lapras. We can most likely expect a set something along...
  12. Vaz

    Pokémon Mawile

    Baton Pass Nature: Adamant Ability: Intimidate -> Huge Power Item: Currently Unnamed Mega Mawile Megastone EVs: 252 Atk / 172 Def / 84 Spe - Swords Dance - Sucker Punch - Play Rough - Baton Pass With great defensive stats, M-Mawile can also function very well as a non-Dedicated Baton Passer...
  13. Vaz

    Serious Australian Election 2013: Liberals win

    I hope I don't receive a letter regarding my unregistered name in the ballot.
  14. Vaz

    Pokemon Freedom Tournament - Round 6 (Finals) [Won by Dice]

    Congratulations to Dice for winning the tournament, and to our runner-up Ezio for making it so far. Thanks to everyone who participated in this tournament, I hope it was both an enjoyable and interesting experience.
  15. Vaz

    RU Open II - Round 2

    Contacted opponent.
  16. Vaz

    The RU Open II - Round 1

    Tobes seems to be reluctant to battling. They say that they need further time to build teams. Hopefully they are done soon, otherwise calling for an activity win.
  17. Vaz

    Pokemon Freedom Tournament - Round 6 (Finals) [Won by Dice]

    If you wanted to set the date and post it in this thread, hopefully we can gain an audience for the match and perhaps even someone to record it for Youtube if we're lucky.
  18. Vaz

    Pokemon Freedom Tournament - Round 6 (Finals) [Won by Dice]

    Pokemon Freedom Tournament Hosted by Vaz. Sign-Ups Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Round 5 Round 6 (Finals) Introduction: There has always been a staple fixated to the number of pokemon used in competitive pokemon on Smogon for the standard metagames. You cannot select any less than 6...
  19. Vaz

    Pokemon Freedom Tournament - Round 5 (Semi Finals)

    And with that, we are at our last round of the tournament! The final round will be posted shortly.
  20. Vaz

    Pokemon Freedom Tournament - Round 5 (Semi Finals)

    Okay, Maxou has received an activity DQ. Please get the last match done ASAP. I'll post the final round up when the last match is complete.