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  1. Official Smogon Tournament XVII - Substitutes

    I’ll play as a sub
  2. how would you describe your sense of humor?

    Simpsons seasons 2-7 are perfect, seasons 1 and 8 are pretty good, seasons 9+ is a long downhill South Park season 2-13 are perfect, seasons 1 and 14-15 are pretty good, seasons 16+ go downhill if you get it you get it you know?
  3. official 2020 election thread [WHITEHOUSE RAISES ERROR: HTTP 306 - FOR BIDEN]

    Here’s a testimonial from a concentration camp survivor in China: I’d suggest anyone defending China to get a clue and read this. On a different note, I read this 1941 essay yesterday by...
  4. official 2020 election thread [WHITEHOUSE RAISES ERROR: HTTP 306 - FOR BIDEN]

    i never want to see one of you trumpers show yourselves again on any forum I lurk. Traitors to democracy. Probably the kindest thing I could say about these fools.
  5. Christmas is Canceled

    Overthrow Santifa and the radical North Pole
  6. Let's Play! Pokemon Radical Red

    This is one of the best Pokemon games I've ever played, it's an increased difficulty hack of Firered with all the pokemon up to gen 8 and a ton of quality of life features. It's also probably the hardest game I ever played. I'm streaming on twitch if anyone wants to chill and watch at...
  7. vonFiedler's Big Album Tier List - disappointing two album recommenders for the price of one

    my album suggestion for you to review is funkadelic: standing on the verge of getting it on. we all need more funkadelic in our lives
  8. The Well #63: cookie

    U heavily recommended investing in Bitcoin when it first came out years ago to everyone in #strongs, so are you our first smogon billionaire now ?
  9. official 2020 election thread [WHITEHOUSE RAISES ERROR: HTTP 306 - FOR BIDEN]

    actually, i think trump probably got more votes and a higher turnout despite the worse polling numbers because of covid. people who dont even like trump much were tired of masks, isolation, and after they saw him get healthy in like 3 days despite being a fat old man, they were like what the...
  10. official 2020 election thread [WHITEHOUSE RAISES ERROR: HTTP 306 - FOR BIDEN]

    capitalism is evil. joe biden is evil. but when its capitalist evil vs fascist evil and you decide eh id rather just vote someone else then you're contributing to fascism. i voted gloria la riva in 2016 because yeah sure normally id always vote 3rd party but no reasonable person can watch trump...
  11. official 2020 election thread [WHITEHOUSE RAISES ERROR: HTTP 306 - FOR BIDEN]

    I guess if you’re a big fan of voter suppression, intimidation, and the shitshow of the electoral college where joe once again is going to win the popular vote then sure you right wingers just ignore reality. Same people who mock the “tolerant left”. No we just aren’t tolerant of fascists and...
  12. official 2020 election thread [WHITEHOUSE RAISES ERROR: HTTP 306 - FOR BIDEN]

    trump in his press conference just said that he wants all voting to be stopped right now, no votes to be counted and if they are and he loses the election, hes refusing to concede and will go to the supreme court. he called this election a fraud. god help
  13. Metagame SS OU Metagame Discussion Thread v7 (Usage Stats in post #1735)

    honestly i didnt think landorus was that much better than many of the other premiere offensive pokemon in this tier. somewhat surprised to see it go.
  14. Pokémon Cresselia

    i would be using max def with a def nature over sdef. cresselia is one of the best zygarde counters and is also useful vs that grass terrain pokemon with swords dance and the priority grass move. i guess it comes down to zygarde vs landorus
  15. General Music Discussion Thread

    So I decided to post a 30 min setlist of covers for once bars and restaurants get back to a little bit of normalcy. hope u guys enjoy watching a pokemoner try to play music lmao. but srsly if u do like it, i m gonna start working more on a youtube where ill give lessons or show progress working...
  16. General Music Discussion Thread

    I must’ve went through 3+ hours of king gizzard and the lizard Wizard last night. It could’ve been 5 hours all I know is these guys r great. Per usual for good bands they’re much better live than studio
  17. official 2020 election thread [WHITEHOUSE RAISES ERROR: HTTP 306 - FOR BIDEN]

    Herman Cain/coronavirus timeline: 6/24: Attends Trump rally, maskless 7/2: Tests positive for Covid-19 7/10: Says he’s improving 7/15: Says his doctors seem happy 7/27: Says he’s really getting better 7/30: Dies 8/31: Tweets that the virus isn't as deadly as the media says. from the way Trump...
  18. itt: movie/film discussion (spoilers lol)

    I watched a serious man. Great coen bro’s movie to no surprise. This movie takes the spiritual human experience and does it’s best to tell us yes these things happen but you’ll go mad just not taking these as miracles of god and instead trying to find the secret meaning. This is summed up in...
  19. Eating Animals