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  1. every post is the exact same joke "Phd"s in stupid / fake things

    Phd from smogon university
  2. my worst pokemon pronunciations

    I actually pronounced it as "hauun-door".
  3. SPOILERS! General Pokémon Anime Discussion

    If you want a so bad its good kind of thing then i recommend the Hoopa movie as its quite funny with all the bullshit it has. If its a straight forward good movie then the Power of Us and Detective Pikache is one of the best Pokemon Movies as of now.
  4. Metagame np: SS Ubers Stage 5 - Hound Dog (Zacian-Crowned Banned)

    I remember Zacian-C is always top tier ever since Gen 8 Ubers was a thing and its actually getting better since. In the pre CT meta I remember its usual checks are Quagsire, Excadrill, Ditto & Necrozma Dm and as far as im concerned all but Ditto somewhat got worse when CT came. The increase in...
  5. Resource Simple Questions, Simple Answers

    Why was suddenly Zamazenta Hero considered unviable? I remember it was somewhat similar enough with Zacian Hero thats its not that far behind in viability.
  6. Which Pokemon were never version mascots, but should have been?

    Strangely enough when i was a kid i thought you could find Jirachi in meteor falls. Any way one that i think would be an intresting version mascot is Unown since its quite a mysterious thing yet there really isn't much about them at all in game.
  7. Project How should we abbreviate Galarian Rapidash?

    GORSE!!!1! but gony is also fine tho...
  8. SPOILERS! Pokemon Sword and Shield Datamine Thread

    "Its obvious little kids needs more variety of cap pikachu because 8 is clearly not enough" - GF I'm actually baffled not only cap pikachu survived dexit, it also got yet another variety to go with it.
  9. Hey do you have a replay for that battle with the person from this thread...

    Hey do you have a replay for that battle with the person from this thread:
  10. Pokemon Platinum Trainer Data

    Whats intresting is that Janine uses an all female team in HGSS while nothing changed for Will and Bugsy. Amusingly even the anime dub were confused about Saturn's gender as his voice is more feminine in his first appearence before correcting themselves in subsquent episodes.
  11. Metagame NP: ZU Stage 1 - Introduction - Ludicolo Banned @63

    Now that :Slowpoke-Galar: is in ZU maybe this set become somewhat viable. Well it still has :Wobbuffet: and :Wynaut: as competition but at least its more viable than dual screens :Drizzile: Also since PU took :Mareanie: will is T-Spikes no longer broken?
  12. Congrats your wish finally came true

    Congrats your wish finally came true
  13. Prototype/Development Diamond & Pearl Assets Leak

    I think the reason no one complained is that both ice lines were available in the wild. With Fire you either have to pick Chimchar as a starter or forced to use Ponyta while has high base stats for an NFE has bad movepool and a late evolution level.
  14. Data Usage-Based Tier Update for May 2020

    We might as well save meltan too
  15. SPOILERS! General Pokémon Anime Discussion

    Either Dewgong confirmed for dlc or they just going to edit it out in rerelease. Or hoped that no one noticed
  16. SPOILERS! General Pokémon Anime Discussion

    You forgot to mention that wild Dewgong show up in the episode even though they didn't survive dexit. I guess they're coming in DLC?
  17. Resource Ask a Simple Question, Get a Simple Answer: PU Edition

    Since Raboot shows up on the viability list i wonder what set people are using? Cinderace in OU use a utility set but Raboot does not get Court Change so...?
  18. Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX Discussion Thread | Out Now Everywhere

    Considering that the originals don't even give the partner a gender, most likely no.
  19. Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX Discussion Thread | Out Now Everywhere

    That might explain why despite the numerous time you steal from his shop he never calls you out on it in town.