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  1. Ha In Kang

    New Name and Profile Change Requests [READ THE OP]

    Hello, I would like if you can change my name to Duston well. It has nothing of use and basically is to give life. If some kind of proof is needed no problem. PS has a few years.
  2. Ha In Kang

    World Cup of Pokemon XI - Finals [Won by Team USA East]

    GERMANY Just a little more, this is your year. Good luck to all. You can not be more exciting, haha.
  3. Ha In Kang

    ORAS Ubers Toxic Dragons' Carnage - Offense T-Spikes Team, ft Totor Returns

    Oh, I had no idea you were behind this do you, Antacool. I only occasion I have faced Returns Totor using a very similar team with small changes, such as mega. Ubers can boast a range of varieties and strategies. I like the original touch that has given Klefki, that Heal Block is very useful...
  4. Ha In Kang

    ORAS Ubers Lulzy Aggro

    Hi, Simonquinlank nice team. So to first say that in my opinion Scarf Xern should take with Sleep Talk by successfully Thunder to fit Darkrai Dark Void. It is a very annoying pokémon in Ubers and you always have to think about bringing something to address it. Aromatherapy can be risky but...
  5. Ha In Kang

    World Cup of Pokemon XI - Finals [Won by Team USA East]

    A little late perhaps, but Germany deserves. You have my support. Good luck.
  6. Ha In Kang

    ¿De verdad eres tú? Soy Kilian.

    ¿De verdad eres tú? Soy Kilian.
  7. Ha In Kang

    The UU Open V - Round 1

    Double crit zzz, i lost zzzz.
  8. Ha In Kang

    ORAS OU 404: Switch-in not found ft. Mega Aerodactyl & Gengar

    Hi, TheDoff Good team around Aerodactyl mega. Okay replays to see what the team in action. Apparently nothing wrong. In one Ferrothorn does a good job. Maybe it does not seem to appreciate or easily, but the team is somewhat weak to Slowbro mega. But you can rest assured, it is controllable...
  9. Ha In Kang

    ORAS OU Take some DAMAGE

    Hello, man. Nice team and replay. It proves to be very accurate. Interesting the combination CB Weavile and Specs Dragalge. This class of team I like, since he takes advantage of the Stealth Rocks and Spikes to press offensively on the contrary mega Medicham and Weavile principally. It is...
  10. Ha In Kang

    ORAS OU Like a fable- The Dragon and the Princess

    Hi, Mold.Breaker. Nice team. Based on double sun or weather always look solid. Instead this has original things like Diancie Stealth Rocks, I like it. Infernape not see much less so, but I mention it because neither lacks originality and creativity. I imagine that with enough speed and power...
  11. Ha In Kang

    The UU Open V - Sign-ups

  12. Ha In Kang

    Randbats Tournament Round 3

    Match up, gg.
  13. Ha In Kang

    Well, I'll be from now on active here.

    Well, I'll be from now on active here.
  14. Ha In Kang

    r3 play well when it comes random battles? I am gmt +0

    r3 play well when it comes random battles? I am gmt +0
  15. Ha In Kang

    Randbats Tournament Round 3

    Pole. Contacted. Fuck Steven Snype.
  16. Ha In Kang

    ORAS OU 1934 OU Raikou team

    Hey! Not sure whether replays are good, but the team is perfectly solid, which is what you want to prove. Looks great. The Raikou is dangerous, I like how you use it. You seem to know when it's time for. Good idea to fit Tyranitar CB and Keldeo Specs. It never ceases to amaze or give results...
  17. Ha In Kang

    ORAS Ubers Blaziken Team

    Hey, just one thing; you should improve the presentation again not to close the subject. I recommend putting it more pleasant images and extending a little more the function of that pokemon in the team. This way we can all help you better.
  18. Ha In Kang

    ORAS OU no jam

    Hello paper dreams, nice team. He did not see one based on Skarmory from time Custap Berry Black / White. I like that recovers offensively. The Talonflame with Tailwind caught my attention. For complicated situations where you have to lose, you can depend perfectly and give the combat an...
  19. Ha In Kang

    ORAS Ubers Take It To Reality (Top #2)

    OMG! I did not think I had messages and aids least as good as yours. The truth is that the team have moved far enough to realize that he is weak to many things, but I ignored possible changes and tried to follow. Thank you very much disturb the three in your time here. Well, by order: Execute...
  20. Ha In Kang

    Randbat Tournament Round 2

    He complains of a roll in the last battle when you are lucky in two of them. Won 2-1.