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  1. Ha In Kang

    ORAS Ubers Take It To Reality (Top #2)

    TAKE IT TO REALITY. INTRODUCTION| Hello everyone! If you're watching this is that I have become to do. Return with another team to share amicably with you. At last I have drawn strength and decided to do this now. I must say that since I returned to Ubers, this is certainly the best teams...
  2. Ha In Kang

    ORAS Ubers Hate (Peaked #10, 1772, 87 GXE)

    · Hate · · Prove of peak · Hello everyone! It may not be well known for here despite take several years. It's normal, I hardly pass through the forum. I think this is a good idea to show me and give me know. Well, this account PS has more...
  3. Ha In Kang

    ~ Armed Offensive (武力攻勢) peaked 9 (1.605 puntos)

    Introduction | (导入) *こんにちは ... Well, a long time ago that I wanted to leave OU aside because I was tired and a bit and decided to try BW Ubers, thanks to my friend Seiryu, made me want to try their luck in Ubers, which until then had not played ever. I tried other equipment at first, as Stalls...