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  1. ChaosAkita

    Pokemon Sun/Moon Random Battle sets

    Why doesn't Mudsdale ever get an Assault Vest as an item? I know items are determined by a certain algorithm but as of now it only gets Choice Band. I think it would be a natural fit and make it more flexible than just getting Choice Band. Yes you can tell by the difference.
  2. ChaosAkita

    Bug Reports v2.0 (READ OP BEFORE POSTING!!)

    I can't play on my regular account. Whenever I try, nothing loads. When I check the chat room, it says " Your message was not sent because you've been typing too quickly." However, when I try a new account, I can just load just fine.
  3. ChaosAkita

    Pokemon Sun/Moon Random Battle sets

    Why isn't draining kiss a required move on Comfey? It with Triage makes Comfey the most viable.
  4. ChaosAkita

    Pokemon Sun/Moon Random Battle sets

    More chance = more variance. I'm talking about statistical variance. Have you never heard of it before?
  5. ChaosAkita

    Pokemon Sun/Moon Random Battle sets

    I think Landorus is guaranteed to get EQ because each Pokemon will get one STAB move. However, pokemon like Mantine aren't guaranteed to get Roost. Something like Mew doesn't need Roost all of the time but on other Pokemon I feel like it's pretty important. I agree that pokemon like Unown are...
  6. ChaosAkita

    Pokemon Sun/Moon Random Battle sets

    I wish recovery moves could be more of a priority when selecting moves. They make or break a lot of Pokemon who have them. Lugia isn't nearly as effective without recovery.
  7. ChaosAkita

    Pokemon Sun/Moon Random Battle sets

    This is a bad set :(
  8. ChaosAkita

    Pokemon Sun/Moon Random Battle sets

    Two water sets on one Octillery. Not good... Also, why is Poliwrath's set special? I guess Scald is very good but why can't it learn Ice Punch instead of Ice Beam?
  9. ChaosAkita

    Pokemon Sun/Moon Random Battle sets

    Why is Floatzel level 77 if it is PU?
  10. ChaosAkita

    Silly Things You've Seen In Other Metagames

    This made me laugh the hardest I've had for a while. It's a real piece of modern art. I'm just asking myself, why?
  11. ChaosAkita

    Pokémon Movepool Oddities & Explanations

    I think Grimer and Stunk get Memento because they stink up the opposing Pokemon after they faint. Uxie and Latios have mystical powers. I think Hopip is the big mystery here. But since Cottonee also gets it as an egg move, maybe it has to do with spores landing on the opponent's body. Still a...
  12. ChaosAkita

    CAP 20 CAP 20 - Part 4 - Primary Ability Poll 1

    Shield Dust Oblivious Water Absorb Water Veil
  13. ChaosAkita

    Bug Reports v2.0 (READ OP BEFORE POSTING!!)

    Silly me! I've never seen this behavior in battle before. Sorry.
  14. ChaosAkita

    Bug Reports v2.0 (READ OP BEFORE POSTING!!) In this battle, Zoroark appears as a Mantine and then has its Illusion broken. However, after switching out, the Zoroark then reappears as Heatmor throughout the rest of the battle. Is this supposed to happen?
  15. ChaosAkita

    General Introduce yourself!

    Hi Smogon. I've been here for a while (I think I might have one of the oldest active accounts) but I guess I don't post much. I've been playing competitive Pokemon since the days of Netbattle and IRC bots, but I think it might be time to step up my game so I can participate in VGC. Nice chatting...
  16. ChaosAkita


    Is there anywhere specific to talk about Random Battles? I would like to see if Pokemon like Unown and Farfetchd could have their levels raised.
  17. ChaosAkita

    Almost Any Ability ORAS

    Can someone explain to me why Keldeo was banned? Not questioning anything, just wondering why it was so good in this metagame in particular. I've searched the thread and can't find a concrete answer.
  18. ChaosAkita

    CAP 19 CAP 19 — Final Product

    I think I'm a little slow - could anyone please explain how this Pokemon matches the concept? I'm looking through the move pool, and I can't seem to see it. Is it based on encore or what? I could use a little help ehre.
  19. ChaosAkita

    CAP 19 CAP 19 - Part 11 - Sprite Poll 1

    Quanyails HeaLnDeaL DougJustDoug Jaret
  20. ChaosAkita

    CAP 18 CAP 18 - Part 8 - Art Poll 1

    Doran Dragon Mos-Quitoxe Blue Frog