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  1. Ada

    Pending Let Us Favorite Teams

    Here's a suggestion: give us the ability to 'rate' teams. A simple star system should suffice, i.e. 1-5 stars. This will enable builders to better organize and manage teams. Thank me later.
  2. Ada

    XY OU Dark and Dark

    Purgatorial hellfire dancing in the abyss, distorting black flame in turbid crimson darkness, the light that leads to madness, screams, and destruction, admonishing sin with sin: gouge your dark fragment in my body, and bare your fangs against arrogant providence! Dark and Dark! So with the...
  3. Ada

    Accelerate: «Extreme Speed»

    Introduction (feel free to skip) Hi all, it's been years (quite literally) since I've done an RMT so I thought I might as well do one now. There's nothing too special about this one although it was rank #2 on suspect at some point (I had a legitimate chance at #1 since I got paired with the...
  4. Ada

    Banners For Trophy Holders

    I think that this would make a nice touch. Thoughts? PS. Sorry for 2 suggestions in 2 days.
  5. Ada

    Keeping Skeletons of Analyses

    I think that this would be nice to have for those who don't have time to read an entire analysis but would like to have a better understanding of a certain pokemon. Skeletons are good because they contain most of the essential information but in a much more readable format. Indeed, this is often...
  6. Ada

    Changing the Order

    Would it be possible to list the sub-forums in the Fifth Generation category in the same order as Smogon Metagames? I find it quite annoying whenever I try to navigate between the two since OU is listed second instead of first. I think this would make more sense seeing as OU is more active than...
  7. Ada

    Damage Tables (not a damaged table…)

    So, what is a damage table? Basically, it’s a pre-compiled list of damage calculations against every Pokemon in a given metagame based on their most common sets. Why is it useful? It’s a time-memory tradeoff, in exchange for the time saved having to run a damage calculator; it takes up more...
  8. Ada

    Simple and Clean

    Introduction First of all, I'd like to start by saying I enjoy making teams and customizing them. Each team represents a players' style and their approach to battling. So that every team is different, this is part of why competitive battling is so entertaining. I've already signed up for the...
  9. Ada

    The Enigma Plaza

    Welcome, this is a place where you can relax and hopefully enjoy yourself. If you enjoy puzzles and problem solving then this is the place to be. Located here are puzzles of all sorts; ranging from simple word puzzles to the truly arcane. There is something for everyone. All that is required is...
  10. Ada

    Rebel Against the Tyrannical Mods! - Part Deux

    previously in In Bruges...
  11. Ada

    Your last words...

    Hi, this is my first post; weird topic I know, but bear with me. What word have you used the most times in your life For example, mine would be 'mother', what's yours? Also, if you were to die, what would you want to be your last words? I am looking forward to hearing your answers.