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  1. SaveMeJebus

    SM OU The Team That "Makes No Sense" (2022 Elo #5 on Ladder)

    This is a variation of one of the first teams I ever made in OU. I tried to fix most of the problems with that team and ended up with this. It's a team that most of my opponents seem to get confused by since it runs a few weird sets/ Pokes that shouldn't work on this team. The main goal with...
  2. SaveMeJebus

    SM OU My first legit SM OU team (1819 rank)

    This is the first team that I have made that I've actually stuck with. Made a few changes along the way but I feel like I ended up with a really solid team so far. Since I run a ditto, I don't really have a solid game plan going into a match. My main goal is to weaken the opponent's team and...
  3. SaveMeJebus

    Balanced OU Rain Team

    This is the main team that I use for battling. I think that it is a pretty good balance between offence and defense. The main goal of this set is to get the weather up and destroy the opponent with either Toxicroak or Thundurus. These two pokemon are pretty powerful and can do some real damage...
  4. SaveMeJebus

    OU Balanced Rain Team

    This is my OU balanced rain team. It is the only team I use in the Smogon ladder and I feel I do decent with it. I am currently in the top 40 with this team (which isn't saying much since the ladders got reset). I built this team around Heracross since he's my favorite Pokemon in the game and I...