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  1. Pidge

    I'm a poster

    Oh so you like to post? Name every single post!
  2. Pidge

    The Well #69 - Hulavuta

    know any cool YouTube channels?
  3. Pidge

    Other MOUTH MADNESS [Preliminary Qualifier Round 3 - DL 1/31 11pm CST]

    Sexual Lion King is boring and puts me to sleep in a bad way
  4. Pidge

    Other MOUTH MADNESS [Preliminary Qualifier Round 3 - DL 1/31 11pm CST]

    I'm a big Mouth albums fan. For the topic at hand, Bega Interlude is not a bad one to cut, but at least it isn't flat out repulsive. I think "Imma Let It Be" is much worse, and a rare miss by Neil. In fact, it might be Neil's worst mash up ever. Every part of the seems unharmonius, and not even...
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    Other Circus Premiere League (Trial Run)

    Hulavuta shade UncleSam MZ Please join the Discord server when you get the chance.
  6. Pidge

    SS OU Suspect Process - Round 7 Voting

    Pheromosa: Ban
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    Other Circus Premiere League (Trial Run)

    Discord is live.
  8. Pidge

    Smogon Tour 30 Playoffs - Finals [won by Empo]

    turn #17 in game 2 will be important
  9. Pidge

    Editing a Pokemon Platinum ROM

    if you can't add Pokemon, just start removing them. promise the ones you removed in DLC
  10. Pidge

    Other Circus Premiere League (Trial Run)

    Thank you guys for signing up so far! tbh I was a bit worried we would only get to 10 people or something. Sign-ups will close on Dec 18 around 8:30 PM EST. Feel free to link anyone to this thread, but especially if they play Smash or chess, since those are getting the least sign-ups.
  11. Pidge

    the one shot

    by placing a link to a Google Doc that I can modify at any time, I can communicate while bypassing the 'one shot' rule
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    Other Circus Premiere League (Trial Run)

    **Abstract Mathematics** Manager: Blazade (@Ghostwheel#0538) Andy Snype (Andy Snype#9304) Hulavuta (@Hulavuta#1197) Style_Dota (@Style#1931) UncleSam (@UncleSam#1936) VigilanteVigoroth (@VigilanteVigoroth#8573) **Eli will Carry** Manager: Spiderz (@Spiderz#1001) Co-Manager: Zorquax (@๏υ#2857 )...
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    Other Circus Premiere League (Trial Run)

    Circus Premier League Trial Run approved by Duskfall98 Discord: What is the Circus Premiere League (CPL)? CPL is a team tournament in which players compete in a variety of categories. Teams will be matched against another and the team with more wins will be...
  14. Pidge

    Cookie Dough Ice Cream Appreciation Thread

    i like ice cream
  15. Pidge

    Announcement SS OU Suspect Process, Round 7 - Voter Identification Thread

    outb30, rip many failed 30-0 attempts Ruft edit: confirmed
  16. Pidge

    who would win in a fight- 1 billion lions or 1 of every pokemon (roughly 900)?

    If Pokemon get to use Leppa Berries, it’s only right that lions get to use automatic weapons and nuclear missles.
  17. Pidge

    who would win in a fight- 1 billion lions or 1 of every pokemon (roughly 900)?

    Legitimate Username beat me to it, but you guys are really disappointing for putting so much stock in Pokedex descriptions. Pokedex descriptions are unreliable and are most likely exaggerated or are flat out wrong. The girl from this anime/movie screenshot is not straight up dead.
  18. Pidge

    Circus Premier League

    Just had the idea that team names could be based off of game types found in Circus. Examples: The Mafia Murkrows, The Survivor Sevipers, The Walrus Walreins. Maybe they don't have to be alliterative or have Pokemon in their name, or maybe they do.
  19. Pidge

    Circus Premier League

    Is it possible this could still be a thing? Looks like player base was a concern about a year ago, but I feel like Survivor has been popping lately, and there might be some overlap in interest to this. Being able to show up on the News tab on PS! seems to help as well. To get things going, I...
  20. Pidge

    Pokemon themes that would work in irl situations

    when you're at an oriental restaurant and Karen asks to speak with the manager