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  1. teal6

    RU USUM RU Cup II - Signups

  2. teal6

    The ZU Open (Signups)

  3. teal6

    Issues with the TD Team

    If you want competent, unbiased, non-playing tournament directors you need to compensate them. The site turns a profit, I'm assuming, so some of that should be reinvested into the scene. Regards, teal6
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    SPL 9 - Commencement Thread

    i was making a joke u fuckin nerd
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    SPL 9 - Commencement Thread

    You gave FAKES an ACTIVITY WIN
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    Crypto Currency

    im on hold waiting for a client so i thought i'd type this up in the meantime, primarily using what i know from experience at work. BTC, when used in derivatives, is more or less exactly like every other underlying asset. the actual properties of the asset are not important to people like me...
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    Brazil's Fantasy (Sign-ups)

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    Season 25 (Week 1 [SM OU #2]) - won by Googly

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    jiren was a little too fast now we are on apollonia

    jiren was a little too fast now we are on apollonia
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    Crypto Currency

    yeah, 100%. BTC non deliverable forwards (which is what we made, NDFs) are taxed like other NDFs regardless of the underlying asset. itd be the same as if it were like, some sort of currency that can't leave the country or whatever or cattle or whatever you'd like to think up. now,tax wise,im...
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    Crypto Currency

    if anyone is interested in some years ago bitcoin stories i directly worked on the first US government regulated BTC derivatives and am, in part, directly responsible for the US government (along w/ the CME/CFTC and co) classifying BTC as a commodity as opposed to a currency. was cool stuff
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    Can you pls reply? It is my dream.

    Can you pls reply? It is my dream.
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    Tournament Rarelyused Premier League V Player Sign-ups (see post 171)

    Name: teal6 Metagames Played: USUM RU / ORAS RU Foreseeable Inactivity: I'm not inactive and I wanna play Pokemon!
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    Smogon Premier League 9 - Semi-Finals

    [#1] Wi-fi Wolfpack (7) vs [#4] Alpha Ruiners (5) SM OU: ABR vs Cdumas - ABR is the best player on Smogon, and I don't think there's a lot of debate about that. Cdu is an impressive rising star, one who has kept his momentum from his early career going for months now and hasn't let up, but if...
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    Smogon Premier League 9 - Week 9

    speak for urself bitch
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    Smogon Premier League 9 - Week 9

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    Multi-gen RoAPL IV —︎ Player Signups

    Tiers: RBY / ADV Significant Time Missed?: No Bio: I am pretty good at RBY overall and made ADV Cup finals (oh I also remembered I went like 6-2 or some shit in ADV in this last year) Pledge: Totally honest I won't devote a ton of time but if I'm playing ADV I'll probably build stuff and I...