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  1. mellowyellowhd

    SM OU Glow Like Dat - Zard X BO ft. Big Clef

    What's poppin y'all, it's ya boi, coming back at you to bless you with my presence for the second time in RMT. This time, coincidentally, I'll be showcasing a team I made with the other Mega form of Charizard - Charizard X. I've seen a lot of hate for this mon recently and I wasn't sure why...
  2. mellowyellowhd

    SM OU Zard Y + TTar BO

    I wanted to build around Zard Y, so I did. The Team: Teambuilding Process: The Pokemon I wanted to build around. While Charizard Y has definitely gone down a bit in usage due to the Arena Trap ban, I still believe it's a formidable threat in the OU tier, it can sweep entire teams with ease...