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  1. Disposable Puppets

    Disposable's PuppetShop (Closed and undergoing maintanence)

    Intro A lot of people probably don't know me so I figure an introduction may be in order. My name is Disposable Puppets. I found Smogon towards the very tail end of the Advance generation, joined while DP was starting and have been playing every since. I've mainly lurked with a bit of...
  2. Disposable Puppets

    Ouija Boards

    So I've taken an interest in Ouija boards (I always thought they were called wigi boards) lately because of my girlfriend. What happened was that she was over her cousin's house and they found that her aunt had brought home a ouija board. So they started playing with it. They asked it all...
  3. Disposable Puppets

    Regarding the Event Raikou, Entei and Suicune

    I've run into a few non-shiny Raikou and Entei using their respective moves that were gained from the event. I even went into the team builder and not only can you use a non-shiny beast with these moves, but they can be any nature as well. Is there a way to fix this?
  4. Disposable Puppets

    Pokemon Lab not working

    Hey I'm in need of assistance. I have no trouble playing Pokemon Lab when I download it from the site. Then when I download it I press "Keep in dock". That works but every time I log back in again it doesn't work. The icon isn't Pikachu anymore it's some gray folder thing. And when I press...
  5. Disposable Puppets

    Swampert Watch Your Mouth!

    This is a team that has been in the building stages for awhile. It has gone through many different variations with one of the latest ones being seen in this rate my team here: When no one answered that thread, I figured that I was on my own...
  6. Disposable Puppets

    Disposable Puppets Styled Semi-Stall

    So this is the team that I entered the second round of the Smogon Tournament with. It's based on two set up pokemon that can set-up on each other's switchins, Cursepert and CM Jirachi. Now that I've lost to Alakapimp, I can post this team without fear of my opponent glancing at it and counter...
  7. Disposable Puppets

    A Team That's Not That Far Off From Being Pretty Good

    This is a team that I built to allow Lucario to sweep as easy as it could. Team at a glance: Closer view of each pokemon: Forretress-Lum Berry Relaxed 252 HP/114 Attack/144 Defense Stealth Rock Rapid Spin Spikes Gyro Ball This Forretress lead is one of the most reliable leads I've...
  8. Disposable Puppets

    Builidng around two Sweepers

    Hello this is my attempt to build a team around two of my favorite sweeprs; Gyrados and Lucario. I don't have much of a story behind it so here comes the team. Team at a Glance: Forretress-Focus Sash Relaxed 252 HP/112 Attack/144 Defense Spikes Stealth Rock Gyro Ball Earthquake...